You ll get what you deserve

you ll get what you deserve

Sodom - Get What You Deserve Lyrics

get what (one) deserves To be deserving of the bad things that happen to one, usually because of one's past misdeeds. Don't worry, that bully will get what she deserves—just give it time. See also: deserve, get, what. Jul 30,  · An Inside Story: A book for all those who shall die are a running commentary about everything. -When you’re unwilling to take res.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Request: Drunk stydia fic?

You can do whatever you'd like with it and even combine it with other requests I'd just really like to see Stiles and Lydia together and both equally wasted. NOTE: This is not the summary. This is the original prompt that the series is based on. Lydia sat in the truck fingers tapping nervously against the skin of her leg.

McCall had recommended. He had a private practice, but for her first visit she was seeing him while he was on rounds at the hospital. She figured since Ms. McCall would be at the hospital somewhere it would make her feel a little more comfortable. She let out a sigh as she glanced out the window briefly before her gaze turned to Derek. She watched him for a minute before breaking the silence in the truck.

Derek glanced quickly over at Lydia. He knew she had a rough day yesterday with everything that happened with Stiles. So when she mentioned she had an appointment today and after talking with Scott, he had offered to take her.

She inhaled deeply and let it out slowly before glancing what is par value of shares from the window and over at Derek. Derek glanced over towards her. Derek pulled up to a stop sign. He cares about. It was true; he tended to do that a lot. Neither of us are ready for this and Derek turned into the hospital parking lot and started searching for a parking spot. Also a little hurt and scared.

You have his Dad, your mom, Mrs. McCall and the pack. She frowned. It must have fallen out of my purse when I got angry and threw it before you took me home last night.

Derek nodded. Lydia rolled her eyes as she pushed the door open and got out. He deserves to know Derek glared at her trying not to smirk as she made her way over to him. I kinda only sometimes want to rip out his throat with me teeth. Lydia glanced down at her stomach and frowned.

He swallowed hard, trying not to let the emotion evoked inside of him by Lydia calling him Uncle Derek get to him. He squeezed her shoulder gently and let out a small chuckle. He gripped her shoulders from behind and gave her a gently shove forward. Stiles let himself into the McCall house using his spare key.

After Malia had told him Lydia was pregnant, Stiles had made an excuse about not feeling well and told her he wanted to be alone. Once she left he laid in his bed wide awake.

He had finally fallen asleep at six-thirty that morning, but it had been a struggle. He was angry, hurt and frustrated at Lydia for keeping this from him. So when he woke up that afternoon he had texted her and then called her. Multiple times. He just wanted answers so he had decided that it was time to talk to Scott, who had apparently been keeping this secret from him also. Stiles took the stairs two at a time, getting to the top of the landing in seconds. And why you and Derek have been acting so weird?

Oh my god. Scott winced and pushed himself up until he was sitting up. Stiles stared at Scott for a minute. Went on and on about hormones.

Scott sighed meeting his best friends gaze, shoulders slumping slightly. Stiles felt like the breath had been knocked out of him. He was on the verge of a panic attack.

Stiles took a long gulp of air trying to catch his breath. He looked up slightly at Scott. Scott hesitated. She sent him a reassuring smile and he let out a heavy breath.

That was definitely a recipe for drama. Stiles heart was pounding in his chest and his eyes were starting to sting. Kira watched them from the bed, her hand covering her mouth. He closed his eyes and concentrated on inhaling and exhaling normally. After a few minutes, he felt his breathing getting back to normal and opened his eyes to find Scott and Kira staring at him worriedly.

Scott glanced at Stiles on his bed beside Kira and he hesitated. But he knew he couldn't keep it from him. She said that you were moving on. Stiles paused and thought a moment.

He glanced up at his best friend. He was trying to move on and he was happy to an extent, but Stiles deserved to know that he was going to be a father. I have a right to know. Stiles sat straight up and eyes turning wide as he stared at Scott. He glanced at the clock on his bedside table taking in the time before glancing back at Stiles.

Stiles stood up quickly and pulled his phone out of his pocket checking to see if Lydia had finally text him back. He needed to talk to her before anything happened. He sent it quickly how to make interior stairs then looked up at Scott, his heart racing in his chest.

Scott swallowed hard his gaze darting to the clock before moving to Stiles, a hint of guilt filling his face. Stiles didn't get a chance to respond because his phone beeped with a message from Derek. He opened it and read through it fast. Stiles sent a quick text back letting him know he was on his way and slid his phone back into his pocket. Lydia sighed. She ran a hand through her hair and leaned back in her chair as she glanced over how to break into a locked door knob Derek who was once again typing on his phone.

Derek finished typing and sent the message. I told him about your phone. Before Lydia could respond back to him, the door opened and a nurse came out. Lydia glanced up and gripped her purse tightly before standing.

Derek gave Lydia a nod. Derek sighed and leaned back against the chair, his phone still clutched in his hand. He sat there silently for a good five minutes before closing his eyes and wondering just how long it was going to take Stiles to get there. Stiles grunted in frustration and pushed past a couple of older people to head towards the stairs. He needed to get to Lydia before anything happened. Stiles pushed through the doorway to the stairs and started up the steps.

He took them two at a time, while still processing everything that was happening. Lydia was pregnant with his baby and was possibly getting rid of it without telling him.

How could she do that to him? How could she not even include him in that decision? The more questions that ran through his head the angrier he got. By the time the time Stiles reached the third floor and the waiting area where Derek was, he what is no 1 fuel oil fuming.

He yanked open the door and saw the other man sitting there staring at his phone.

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Definition of get what you deserve in the Idioms Dictionary. get what you deserve phrase. What does get what you deserve expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. You'll get what you deserve, you'll get what's coming You'll get what's coming Give it some time to sink in Just give me some time to figure it out Just give me some time to think here Just give it some time and you'll get what you deserve Submit Corrections. Thanks to hiddenutopia for adding these lyrics. You'll get what you deserve! I'm waiting for the day we meet again Enraged and full of anger My rifled barrel shotgun Say goodbye because I'm your saviour I can't forget the day you tapped my vein Now it's your problem and yours alone I draw the curtain over you You hear me laughing when I go.

Making sure you get what you deserve and refusing to settle is critical when it comes to taking charge and maintaining your own happiness.

You have to genuinely believe in your worth, in order to ensure that you get what you deserve. As a young woman I feel often times, we can get caught up in not standing up for ourselves or settling for less than we deserve.

We should embrace and enforce respect in all aspects of our lives. Whether it is family, careers or relationships. You think Oprah got where she is by being a pushover? I think not. You think Michelle Obama captured the heart of the President of the United States by keeping her thoughts and feelings to herself?

Name me one powerful person who is making headlines or in an inspirational relationship by being a willing participant in becoming a doormat… Exactly.

No one respects a doormat. The end. Knowing what you deserve and actually believing what you deserve are two different things.

Knowing the difference truly does make all the difference. Knowing what you deserve really starts from within. How people treat you is ultimately a reflection of how you view yourself. Let me tell you that is the truest statement ever told.

I think one of the hardest lessons I had to learn, as a young woman was to demand respect from each and every person I encounter. Everybody in my life must see and respect me for exactly who I am. A queen. I hate nothing more than when I see a beautiful intelligent young woman looking stupid over a situation. Sometimes you have to start being honest with yourself, take a seat and really assess your situation.

If you know you deserve better than strive for that. You set the bar. The worst habit you can fall into is making excuses for unacceptable behavior. There is nothing more exhausting than trying to make it work with someone you have no business even being with.

So why am I putting up with this foolishness? I knew this behavior was unacceptable and not a healthy normal functioning relationship.

At no point should you stay in a situation where you are constantly being let down and disappointed. You know how you get the respect and treatment you desire? You demand it, and instead of settling for shenanigans, you enforce what you want.

Natural and normal human beings are caring and loving to the ones that are caring and loving to them. Someone who makes you feel as if you are hard to love is not the person you need to be with. If you are in a relationship and feel like you have to switch up everything about yourself to make that person care about you more, than you are setting yourself up for a long ride of disappointment.

Been there done that…. I remember spending endless days mentally exhausted and tired, because of all this effort I was trying to put in. When you are with the wrong person, everything seems to feel off. I really was in the head space where I thought I was the problem. What was it about me?

Being with the wrong person will have you all messed up in the head. The wrong person will have you feeling like you are the reason the relationship sucks, like you are the reason it is failing.

You can get material things back. We have ALL had to endure heartbreak at one point or another. Some people are sincerely in our lives to just be learning lessons and prepare us for the real thing. Stop making things so hard on yourself, acknowledge the lesson that is in front of you, take your newfound wisdom, and move on.

Life is too short to be treated anything less that what you deserve. If you start making excuses for people, it will be just a matter of time before you start to let everyone walk over you. Before you know it, taking crap from people will become like second nature and we all know habits; whether it be smoking, drinking, being crazy lol etc. Let that resonate. Pain is inevitable.

If you suffer that is solely because of your own doing. That hurts, and yes when you find out that is painful. I used this example from my own personal experience. Continuing to stay in a situation that makes you unhappy is you choosing to suffer. You control your environment. Not all of our lessons in life need to be hard. When people show you who they really are, believe them. Crazy thing is, the people I dated that acted like that years ago, are still acting like that to this day.

If I want to talk to somebody, I contact him or her. If I miss someone throughout the day, I will send him or her a text. Point blank period. Be defined by your courage, independence, strength, and aspiration to seek the life and atmosphere you want. What sense does that make? Someone who really loves, respects, and cares for you will find all those qualities admirable. Your partner should reflect your energy. That is absurd and ridiculous. Only the strong can keep up with other strong forces.

Kings want Queens, not girls. The goal is to find someone who thinks you deserve to be put on a pedestal, and up on that throne. You want better, make it happen. No one in this world is going to give you anything; you have to work for it. The first step starts with you, and will only happen when you know and sincerely believe and embrace your values, morals, and desires. Get some rules, get some regulations and stand by them.

If you demand respect, other people will have no choice but to follow suit. May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance. KC TheEleventhLetter.

Amazing post KC! Plenty of woman young and old can most definitely relate and learn from this post. Keep encouraging woman KC!!! Dope in so many ways.

This also gives a man a foundation of how he could treat and respect another person but more importantly himself. Peace and blessing KC. This article was incredibly enlightening. I can can completely agree and I appreciate your honesty.

It takes a lot of courage to be honest and open. It was nice reading an post that is very relatable. I can honestly say that me and most of my friends have felt lie this at one point or another and I applaud you for being open and honest about the experiences you have had in life.

That took a lot of courage and I am … Read more ». You may also like. Notify of. Please insert the code above to comment. Notify of new replies to this comment. Sort by: newest oldest most voted. Angie B. Peace and blessing KC Noble X. Jasmine Saunders ugculture3.

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