What happened to chris masters wwe

what happened to chris masters wwe

Chris Masters says JBL bullied him early on in his WWE career

And while the young Superstar never grabbed gold in WWE, he competed in some big-time events, including an Elimination Chamber Match. Although he parted ways with WWE in , "The Masterpiece" more than lived up to his self-aggrandizing nickname as one of the most impressive physical specimens in WWE history. Continue Reading. 1 day ago · Former WWE star Chris Masters recently did an interview with Chris Van Vliet and here are the highlights from Van Vliet On a possible WWE Return: “I’ve been out of the company since I’d love to come back for a Royal Rumble or something like that. I mean you never say never.

Christopher Todd Mordetzky [7] born January 8, is an American professional wrestler. He is also known for his time in Impact Wrestlingunder the ring name Chris Adonis. During his early career in WWE, Masters had a storyline around the Masterlock, a submission nobody could break. He would challenge several wrestlers to the Masterlock Challenge, where he rewarded the winner with a prize if they could break it.

He was released in and worked on the independent circuit for two years, making his return to WWE in Masters would spend the next two years in WWE, until he was released again in Mordetzky began training for a wrestling career at the age of 16 in Ultimate Pro Wrestling. During this time, Mordetzky learned that WWE was recruiting talent from UPW, and he took time off from wrestling for nearly three years to pursue a powerful physique that would interest World Wrestling Entertainment.

At OVW, he developed his wrestling skills and refined his character, achieving success in both the singles and tag team divisions. When Mordetzky was called up to the main roster, [1] WWE showed vignettes outlining him as "The Masterpiece", touting him as having a body so perfect, it would appear he was sculpted out of stone.

During the contest, Masters broke Richards' how to shave a unibrow performing the Polish Hammer. Masters made a claim that his version of the full nelson hold, which he dubbed the Master Lock, was unbreakable. Masters would go on to log more full nelson submission victories than any wrestler in WWE history, breaking the record previously held by Kurt Angle.

Slaughterwho both failed to break the Master Lock. Slaughter's cobra clutch. After defeating the pound Rosey on July 18, Masters defiantly stated "it doesn't matter how big they are!

Masters regularly teamed with Carlito, albeit in a rigid business relationship. Michaels competed in a Master Lock Challenge on September 5. Masters, alongside fellow Raw wrestler, Edgewas one of several wrestlers to "invade" SmackDown! Masters was eliminated by Rey Mysterio. The idea was to put Cena at a major disadvantage and guarantee a new champion; Masters and Angle, who used the ankle lock as a submission finisher, both were submission experts while Cena did not employ a submission hold as part of his repertoire at the time.

Upon being called to the stand to testify for Bischoff's defense, he was asked to give his name, which he did saying his name was Chris Masters. He was immediately accused of perjury and disqualified as a witness, as McMahon broke kayfabe and stated that Masters' real name was Chris Mordetzky.

On the December 26 episode of RawMasters faced Chavo Guerreroin a Beat the Clock match to determine who would be the final entrant to be released from his pod in the Elimination Chamber. Masters saw the opportunity and applied the Master Lock to Angle, thus gaining the victory.

At the Royal RumbleMasters again worked together with Carlito, but Carlito again double-crossed him and eliminated him from the match.

Van Dam won that match. On the February 27 episode of RawMcMahon offered Shawn Michaels' former tag team partner Marty Jannetty a WWE contract in how to fix an image in css for kissing his exposed buttocks in the middle of the wrestling ring.

Masters failed to complete this instruction as Shawn Michaels interrupted and knocked out Masters. Michaels was then attacked by Shane McMahon, who forced him to kiss Mr. McMahon's buttocks instead. The pair how to tape ceiling for painting walls amongst themselves after the match.

Even though Carlito had repeatedly betrayed Masters over the previous months, it was Carlito who turned face. After this, Masters pursued the WWE Intercontinental Championship but would leave for several months to go to drug rehab due to an addiction of painkillers. Before leaving, Masters was on the May 22 episode of Rawlosing a match to John Cena despite low blowing John Cena for two times in a row. He had lost much of his muscle mass, appearing much slimmer, although he still had some definition in his arms and abdomen.

On the August 28 episode of RawMasters made his return against Cena. This change of image was short-lived, however, as Masters shaved the goatee and regained some of his muscle mass. When Masters returned, he was put in lower-card matches including a short feud with Super Crazywho had moved from SmackDown! The first was a one-on-one contest at New Year's Revolution won by Masters. Tatum pinned Moore after Masters applied the Master Lock behind the referee's back.

He later lost the title to Derek McQuinn on May In Maynews reports revealed that Mordetzky had signed a one-year contract with Nu-Wrestling Evolution. He also used this titantron in In NovemberMordetzky began a face turn, entertaining fans with a Tony Holland -style pec dance. Masters mostly engaged in lower-card feuds throughout and Some wrestling observers have speculated that his character was being reduced to a comedic role because WWE hoped to avoid negative publicity tied to his past Talent and Wellness Violations.

In his first match on the brand, he defeated Chavo Guerrero. Masters found himself lossless in singles matches from May to September, winning eleven singles matches during that period, where all the matches took place on Superstars. Later that same night, he competed in a Man Survivor Series Showdown Battle Royal where he eliminated Rhodes, though later on in the match he was eliminated, the Battle Royal was won by Mysterio and Big Show as it was a team vs team battle royal.

At the Survivor Series pay-per-view, Masters was eliminated by Del Rio, but his team still went on to win. In February and MarchMasters would feud with Tyler Reks on Superstarsand Masters won all four matches they had with each other. On April 26, Chris Masters was drafted back to the Raw brand as part of the Supplemental Draftbut never wrestled on Raw in his four months as a Raw wrestler. In DecemberMordetzky was also revealed to be involved in the Wrestling Retribution Project under the ring name "Concrete".

Masters then went on to aid Lancaster in a match against Spyda, winning Lancaster the championship. The match ended in a no contest after the Global Force stable interrupted the match. On the April 20 episode of ImpactAdonis attacked Moose from behind, establishing himself as a heel in the process.

During the following weeks, Adonis formed an alliance with Eli Drake against Moose. Afterwards, he frequently helped Drake to retain his Impact Global Championship. Adonis and Drake then transitioned into a storyline with Johnny Impactfacing him in tag team and singles matches. On January 13,Mordetzky officially confirmed on his Twitter account that he had officially parted ways with Impact Wrestling.

Mordetzky has Polish and Jewish roots. That's something I'll take with me to my grave. He was my childhood idol, I idolize the guy, and I still trip out that I got to wrestle him on a pay-per-view. How many people how to play google moog to do that?

How many people get to wrestle their idol? Mordetzky claims that what is rock phosphate fertilizer biggest misconception that most people have about him is that he's just a bodybuilder. John Cena went on record to say that Chris Masters is the strongest competitor he has faced in his career. Though Masters never defeated Cena in the ring, Masters defeated Cena in an arm wrestling match.

Masters put Cena out in the Master Lock hold on three separate non-match occasions. Masters is one of only two competitors the other being Rusev to bring John Cena to unconsciousness once, let alone three times as he did. A tweet posted to his Twitter profile in March stated that Mordetzky saved his mother's life from a criminal who had committed arson at her home.

It was reported that he had pulled a 10 foot 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Chris Masters, see Chris Masters disambiguation. American professional wrestler. Online World of Wrestling. Retrieved Accelerator's Wrestling Rollercoaster. Canadian Online Explorer. Smith, Ark. Masters main event, "Cowboy" Bob Orton wrestles, what is the latest ios version for iphone 6. Pro Wrestling Torch.

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Mar 25,  · Despite the change of scenery, Masters was hardly ever utilized on the blue brand before being suspended for 30 days that summer after violating the WWE Wellness Policy for the first time. Apr 21,  · Chris Masters On a Possible WWE Return, Plans WWE Had For Him, More. While speaking with Insight with Chris Van Vliet podcast, former WWE Superstar Chris Masters talked about working for NWA, plans for him to become the youngest WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley using the Full Nelson, his addiction to painkillers and why he feels “exiled” from WWE and much more. Apr 20,  · Chris Masters debuted on the Monday Night Raw brand in and was given a massive push. Within a year on television, Chris Masters had worked pay-per-view programs against Shawn Michaels, Kane, Big Show, and others. Masters was even a part of a WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match with names such as John Cena and Kurt Angle.

Skip to main content. Sporting the kind of physique usually only seen in comic books, the 6-foot-4, pound Adonis was cocky beyond compare with the power and ability to back it up in the ring. Debuting on Raw in early , Masters quickly caught the attention of the WWE Universe thanks to his unbelievable build and his devastating finishing maneuver, The Master Lock.

Believing his maneuever to be unbreakable, Masters began offering up thousands of dollars to anyone who was willing to try and escape.

These "Master Lock Challenges" usually ended with a grinning Masters and a victimized volunteer screaming in agony. The California native's rampant arrogance got him embroiled in heated rivalries with the likes of Michaels and Carlito.

Although he parted ways with WWE in , "The Masterpiece" more than lived up to his self-aggrandizing nickname as one of the most impressive physical specimens in WWE history. Chris Masters. Superstar Stats Chris Masters. Follow Follow Chris Masters on Facebook. Weight lbs. Hometown Los Angeles. Signature Move The Master Lock. Chris Masters: Bio. Continue Reading. Chris Masters: Latest News. Sign in.

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