What happened in 1964 in canada

what happened in 1964 in canada

Significant Events in Canadian History

Historical events from year Learn about famous, scandalous and important events that happened in or search by date or keyword. opened with a series of riotsover the sovereignty of the Panama Canal zone, which ended with the involvement of the U.S. Army and was a significant factor in the United States’ decision to transfer control of the Canal to Panama in the 70’s.

The Acnada States are going through a rocky time against the backdrop of the Vietnam War. That same month, young men protest the war by burning their draft cards, the first such demonstration to occur.

President Lyndon Johnson signs the What are all the colours of the rainbow Rights Act ofofficially abolishing racial segregation in the country, although tensions between racial groups remain.

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The significance of an event cannot be measured scientifically. Every historian, journalist or student could make their own lists. This selection is meant to draw attention to a number of events in Canadian history that left an indelible mark on the lives of the people of the time and an indisputable memory in the minds of later generations.

Bjarni was likely the first European to visit North America, and his discovery led to a brief Norse colonization of Newfoundland. Cabot's discovery led to England's interest in what is now Atlantic Canada, especially the fishery. Indigenous Peoples. Estimates for the Indigenous population range from , to , people, though some suggest it was as high as 2. Jacques Cartier is one of the first Europeans to enter the Gulf of the St. Lawrence River.

In , while on his second of three voyages, Cartier hears the Iroquoian word for village, kanata , and documents the name in his journal. The name Canada subsequently appears on the Harleian world map, indicating land north of the St. From the early 17th to the midth centuries, the fur trade is a vast commercial enterprise across what is now Canada. Indigenous technology and knowledge are crucial to the competitive trade and to the survival of Europeans. Colonial administrator Samuel de Champlain explores the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee.

On July 30, Champlain and his First Nations allies battle the Haudenosaunee, beginning years of war between the Haudenosaunee and French colonial forces. Maisonneuve served as governor until Weakened by disease and cultural interference by the French , the Huron-Wendat homeland known as Wendake was destroyed by the Haudenosaunee Iroquois. Many were either killed or adopted into Haudenosaunee nations.

For centuries to come, blankets are widely traded, including the iconic HBC Point Blanket , first made in and still available today. Seen by some as an item of cultural importance, it reminds others of the forces of colonialism. Edward Cornwallis arrived in Chebucto harbour in advance of 2, settlers. Work began on the town of Halifax, which replaced Annapolis Royal as the capital of Nova Scotia and established a strong British foothold in Nova Scotia.

Between and , approximately 10, Acadians are deported after delegates refuse to take an oath of allegiance to Britain. Following the Acadian Expulsion , thousands die of disease or starvation. On the night of Sept , General James Wolfe led his soldiers up an unguarded footpath and set for battle before the fortress walls.

Both generals perished. Under the leadership of Ottawa chief Obwandiyag Pontiac , an Indigenous alliance tries to resist European occupation by ridding the lower Great Lakes region of English settlers and soldiers. The Quebec Act was passed effective 1 May ; it established French civil law, British criminal law, freedom of worship for Roman Catholics and government by appointed council.

It extended the boundaries of the province to the Ohio Valley. American general Richard Montgomery was killed as the attack was repulsed with heavy casualties. The French habitants had failed to support the Americans and Canada remained British. The immigration resulted in the formation of New Brunswick and Upper Canada. Alexander Mackenzie party reached the Pacific via the Bella Coola River, the first explorer to complete the journey overland. Though a physical triumph, Mackenzie's achievement failed to provide the fur traders with a viable route.

His first settlers arrived in the summer of Despite tribulations the settlement grew into the first European colony in the North-West. Americans crossed the Niagara River and attacked the high ground of Queenston Heights. His sword drawn, Major-General Brock led troops into battle and was fatally wounded. The battle essentially lost, Grand River Mohawk warriors led by John Norton Teyoninhokarawen prevented American forces from retreating for several hours until reinforcements led by Major-General Roger Sheaffe arrived and forced over 1, American soldiers to surrender.

The War of ends with the peace Treaty of Ghent. However, the First Nations allies of the British and Canadian cause suffered; they lost warriors including the great Tecumseh , lost hope of halting American expansion in the west, and their contributions were quickly forgotten by their allies.

The canal opened the way to the west and countered the threat of the US Erie Canal. Politics Social History. Joseph Howe was acquitted of libel for publishing an article in his newspaper, The Novascotian , critical of Halifax's magistrates. The trial marked a turning point in the history of reform politics in Nova Scotia. Canada's first railway, the Champlain and St Lawrence Railroad, officially opened; it began operations on July The railway heralded the most important change in transportation in Canadian history.

Governor Gosford issued warrants for the arrest of 26 Patriote leaders on charges of high treason, initiating the events of the Lower Canada Rebellion.

Troops and Patriotes were in battle a few days later. Arts and Culture Social History. The first section was opened for use 19 Dec from Toronto to Hamilton. The telegraph profoundly altered 19th century life. Social History. It describes an education system based on Christian faith, universal access and government support. It would be a model for English-speaking Canada.

For his contributions to education, Ryerson University in Toronto was named after him. However, his role in the development of the residential school system has led activists to call for the university to be renamed. James Boyle Uniake became leader of a new Reform government. Nova Scotia was thus the first colony in the British Empire in which responsible government was in effect.

Responsible government meant that a colony enjoyed complete self-government in domestic affairs and that a government ruled only with the support of the majority of the elected Assembly the origins of today's cabinet government. Robert McClure and Richard Collinson began the extensive search for Franklin, likely the greatest search mission in the history of exploration.

In the process, more was revealed of the geography of the North than at any other time. Augustin Morin and Sir Allan MacNab formed a political coalition accomplished the secularization of the Clergy Reserves and the end to seigneurial tenure and provided the foundation for the future Conservative Party. The GTR was a significant factor in the economic development of Canada.

The Gold Rush caused a precipitous decline in the Indigenous population and politically unified British Columbia. A convention of scattered reform elements of Upper Canada met in Toronto. Under George Brown's leadership the convention voted to support a legislative union of the Canadas and set the stage for closer collaboration between English and French.

It was open to all horses bred in Upper Canada that had not yet won money and the prize was 50 Guineas. It came into effect on 1 July. In , Poundmaker was exonerated by the federal government. The treaty included the provision of livestock, agricultural equipment and the establishment of schools in exchange for ceding large tracts of Indigenous hunting grounds.

Treaty 2 was concluded with Chippewa of Manitoba, who ceded land from the mouth of Winnipeg River to the northern shores of Lake Manitoba across the Assiniboine River to the United States frontier. Treaty 3 was signed by the Saulteaux Chippewa of northwestern Ontario and of Manitoba. For the surrender of a tract comprising about 55, sq. Treaty 5 was concluded at Lake Winnipeg ceding an area of approximately , sq. Indigenous Peoples Politics. The Indian Act is introduced. The Act aims to eradicate First Nations culture in favour of assimilation into Euro-Canadian society.

It ceded an area of , sq. Canadian officials understood that by the treaty First Nations surrendered some 35, sq miles of land to the Crown in return for reserves, payments and annuities. British sovereignty over the Arctic Islands passed to Canada. Edward Hanlan defeated E.

Trichett of Australia for the world's championship of singles rowing on the Thames River course made famous by the Oxford-Cambridge boat race. Hanlan was Canada's first world sports champion. This fulfilled a government promise to connect BC to Eastern Canada via a transcontinental railway.

Louis Riel was hanged for treason at the Regina jail. He had been convicted after a trial held in Regina from 28 July to 1 August. Macdonald's refusal to grant leniency made Riel a symbol of English-Canadian oppression. The Manitoba School Act abolished publicly funded support for separate schools for Catholics.

The aggrieved French minority argued that the Act violated the agreements under which Manitoba entered Confederation. Montreal defeated the Ottawa Generals Clifford Sifton removed red tape, broadened the selection of potential immigrants and offered incentives to those who would come to settle the Canadian West, "the last, best West. In the federal election, the Liberals defeated the Conservatives with seats to Wilfrid Laurier became Canada's first French-Canadian prime minister and marked a turning point in Canadian politics after years of Conservative Party rule.

During the Klondike Gold Rush from to at least , people stampeded to the gold fields. At this point, he knew that he had achieved the Northwest Passage, a quest that had obsessed explorers for nearly years. Alberta and Saskatchewan entered Canada as the 8th and 9th provinces by two federal Acts which received royal assent on 20 July.

The Acts Autonomy Bills declared that the West was to have non-denominational schools.

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