Super League Table

  Club PTS
1 Proline 7
2 KCC fc 6
3 URA 5
4 Express fc 5
5 Gulu Utd 4
6 Firemasters 3
7 Simba fc 3
8 Police fc 3
9 Masaka lc 3
10 Sc Villa 2
11 Victors fc 2
12 Gulu Utd 1
13 UTODA 1
14 Bunamwaya 1

Injury News

 Sentongo godfrey who played in the Utoda fc game is injuried and will be out for three weeks,Sebuya Patrick will miss the Express game because of malaria but will play the coming game at Kakindu,Yuda Mugalu who has just played one game will miss Express game with leg injury,Kazibwe Ismael will also miss this game because of Ankle and will be out for four weeks,Katende mike is 50/50 for Fridays' game because of harmstring and Kawalya Sam the number one Goal keeper will also out for the next 4 weeks bacause of knee injury.