How to wire a 12v plug

how to wire a 12v plug

Wiring Diagram 12 Volt To Usb

Apr 14,  · Another of the new 'Basic Skills' family of short videos, this one covers how to wire up a 12v accessory plug. These are becoming more & more popular given t. Nov 05,  · Fuses / Fuse taps / tools here:victorsfc.comt's up guys. Here is an updated version of the how to hardwire a 12v plug. This will be useful for anyone wi.

Please check out my other informative articles too. Most of these outlets state " watts Max", but when I put just a watt 8 Amps load on them they immediately drop about 2 volts, i. The wiring is simply not heavy enough to supply a reasonable current at the required voltage, and this is crucial. Now some people do get away with it ok because when the vehicle is running the alternator lifts the voltage up to around So while you may still like to fit a standard socket for other accessories, I think that you should seriously consider fitting an Anderson plug as well for your fridge.

This sentence is sort of obsolete now considering what I just said above, but still may suit some people Even with the best quality plugs and sockets you can still run into problems except with the Anderson plugsthis is because the fridge draw current is somewhere between 3. So here is a hot tip for anyone that likes to how to play dirty hearts their fridge mostly in the one spot i. So how is that, no more problems with loose and falling out plugs, melting and losing contact etc, and if you do want to take your fridge out, like put in the wife's car, or the mates boat etc etc, you just unplug the lead at the fridge, grab the spare lead and plug it into the mates 4x4 etc, how cool is that?

A real trap for the unaware is that auto cable is often marketed as amp, amp, amp and so on, this can be very misleadingthe rating is simply the current the wire can carry before the cable gets so hot that the plastic cover starts to meltit has no other real meaning of any consequence!! All of the items I have talked about can be purchased from any of the better auto electrical shops.

Installing a 12V power socket in your car for a portable fridge. Big trap, please don't get caught View My Stats.

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Adding an extra 12 volt outlet really comes in handy when you want to plug in that charger and the other outlet is being used. Wiring the outlet is simply a matter of connecting a positive and negative wire from the battery to the back of the outlet. Add an inline fuse in the positive wire and attach the negative wire to ground for safety. So here is a hot tip for anyone that likes to use their fridge mostly in the one spot (i.e. back of the car/ute/caravan/camper), spend an extra $25 and buy a spare lead for your fridge, then chop off the cig plug from one of the two leads that you now have, add an in-line fuse and either hard wire it directly into your nice heavy duty cabling that joins to the battery, or fit Anderson plugs. Consider how you will implement fusing, since a typical car will allow 10A via its 12V (cigarette lighter) socket, which is enough to cause a fire. Some cheap equipment has no "strain relief" on the connections i.e. no attempt to add mechanical fixings and so any "pull" on the wire .

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It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Many of the cheaper lighter adapter plugs do not come with screws for connecting the wires to them, but rather with just the bare metallic contacts - to which I am supposed to do what, solder the plus and minus wires in such a vibration rich environment? Here is an image of the terminals that I was talking about:.

You can twist the appropriate leads together and solder them. Be sure to heat shrink or tape the connections afterwards to prevent shorts. Apply flux. Solder your leads directly to the surface.

Clean flux residue. Reinsert the parts back to the plastic case. Note there is a small pre-drilled hole where your negative lead should be inserted before soldering. Make sure your solder flows through and plugs the hole. I would normally scrape down, file or sand-paper a portion of the metal surface to de-oxidise it, solder directly onto the flat surface and tie a knot on the cable inside the strain relief so that it can't be pulled out and the joints never experience significant stress.

If you haven't room for a knot a cable tie around the outer insulation can suffice. Figure 1. Mechanical security of wire before soldering. Source: Building an effects pedal. A better approach might be to drill a small hole near the edge to make a solder lug. Tin the wire, insert it through the hole, bend over the wire and solder. Your photo is missing the parts used for the positive centre connection, which prevents detailed suggestions for that. However, for the negative outside connection, notice the "notch" which I have marked here in blue:.

As another example, this next photo shows the inside of a car USB charger, showing the soldering to its internal connections. The centre connection to the car's socket is made from that visible spring with its soldered connection, via a 1. In your plug, the "notch" in that negative metal part seems the likely intended soldering location.

Don't try to do that soldering with the metal still in the plastic housing, as you might melt nearby plastic. Consider how you will implement fusing, since a typical car will allow 10A via its 12V cigarette lighter socket, which is enough to cause a fire. Some cheap equipment has no "strain relief" on the connections i. Obviously this causes problems. The answer by Transistor already addresses some options for that. Sign up to join this community.

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It's what the auto industry uses. How would I use a crimp tool on the terminals from the photo above? Try again, if you tap the phone screen you should be able to get it actually in focus. Show 5 more comments. Active Oldest Votes. Or use a block terminal. Or crimp. All of these would hold fine if done right. Improve this answer. Blair Fonville Blair Fonville 3, 4 4 gold badges 14 14 silver badges 35 35 bronze badges.

Can you check out the the photo I have added? Add a comment. Transistor Transistor k 10 10 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. However, for the negative outside connection, notice the "notch" which I have marked here in blue: I have seen plugs of a similar style, where the negative wire is soldered into that notch.

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