How to use mp3 as alarm android

how to use mp3 as alarm android

Using mp3's as an alarm

Mar 22,  · You don't have to put it in any special folder. The easiest thing to do is go to the music player go to the mp3 u want to set as an alarm long press it and add as ringtone. Once it is it will be available as as an alarm. You don't have to keep it as a ringtone just fyi. Any song/mp3 you set as a ringtone this way will be saved into your list of. Jan 19,  · android use music as alarm, android use song as alarm, droid x alarm mp3, how to use a song as an alarm on android, how to use music as alarm android.

In addition to ringtones and notification tonesyou can also customize the alarm tones on your Moto E, Moto G including Andfoid X 2nd generation and Moto X including Moto X 2nd generation.

Xs guide shows you how to create and manage alarms on your Moto devices. Customizing alarm tones will also be covered. For simplicity, Moto Usw is used in this guide. Tap the alarm clock icon as shown below in the top left. To create the new alarm on Moto E, you need set up the hour and minutes using the ring provided. By default, the new alarm created on Moto E is not repeated, i.

Moto E alarm repeat is based on weekdays from Sunday to Saturday. You choose on the days you want to enable this alarm. The Moto E alarm will repeat on the days with blue underlines. When you create an alarm on Moto E, the default alarm tone is being used. You can manually turn on vibrate as shown above. You can change m;3 alarm tone on Moto E easily. Tapping current alarm tone as shown above will bring you to the alarm tone setting age. To choose pre-installed alarm tones, or audio files in the Alarms folder discussed laterchoose Media storage, then tap one.

Now select the desired alarm tone. Once finishing the selection, tap OK to confirm and update the alarm tone for this specific alarm. You can give each alarm a alamr name so that you mo3 easily remember anrroid purpose of the alarm after a few weeks. Tapping the dustbin icon next to the label to delete the specific alarm.

There aa NO un-do option! You can change the default alarm behavior by tapping the menu key 3 vertical dots, as shown below. In the Moto E alarm settings, you may want to change the duration of snooth, alarm volume, and the functions of volume button when alarm is making sound. In addition to the pre-installed alarm tones, just like ringtones sndroid notifications tones, you can also customize alarm tones on Moto E.

If the audio file is already on the phone, you can copy it the Alarms folder with a file manager, for example, ES File explorer. Of course, you can also directly use ES File manager to specify any audio files on the phone as the alarm tone as anrroid below. Media storage is for pre-installed alarm tones and all ausdio files in the Alarms folder.

So, you should use Just Once, not Always. If you use ES File explorer to specify how to flush kidneys and liver audio file as the alarm tone, you need navigate to the folder, tap the audio file. The alarm tone will be changed immediately. There is no confirmation button. Yow let us know your question or problems related to app folder creation or naming in the comment box below.

More how-to guidestips and tricks for using Moto E are available at Moto E how-to guides page. I have es file explorer installed but while selecting alarm tones i only get to choose from default tones. The box showing es file explorer and media storage does not how to calculate cpp payments. Settings -apps.

Then try again. Reset ineffective. Use of ES File Explorer to install custom alarm tones the best of whats around failed, as there is no prompt when changing alarm tones on the device.

USB connection to a computer has met with failure as there is no folder marked Alarms in Internal Storage of the device. This is a Moto G fresh out of the box. Please advise. Alarms should always be a folder in internal tl in all gens of Moto G. This is standard Android layout. Did you use ES file explorer to check it on the phone.

In some Windows machines, tl may set to hide empty folders. ES File explorer cannot be used to set alarm tones in Marshmallow because alarm can request access storage directly. You can still use it for ringtones. This folder is read-only. This is default Android layout. Anyway, if you are sure you do not have the Aw folder in the storage folder, you can manually create one.

Qlarm make sure the name is exactly Alarms capital the first A. I have tried what Simon has suggested, but that didnt help. Once you do that, the Clock App will disappear from the Menu. But dont panic. You androdi get the option of Opening with ES Explorer, where you yse select any mp3 file located on the phone as Alarm tone. This means I need to travel with an alarm clock — or buy a different phone.

After hours waiting for a train in Europe, I slept through its departure. All Android phones and iPhones work in this way. Andriod need power on the phone to use alarms.

Smartphones are designed to be on 24 hours a day. It is not necessary to power it off in the night. You are wrong Simon.

All my previous android phones could be off and the alarm would switch phone on and ring. As previously stated; design flaw! Maybe I am wrong. But Ws do not know any specific Android phones or iPhone that alarm you when you power them off. Alarms in the Clock app work only when the Android system is running. This is one of the fundamental difference between the Android and iOS phones and feature phones.

Alarms in feature phones do qs need a powered-on phone. As long as the battery is not drained out, it should work. In some Android phones up to Android Nougat, a few Android vendors e. It can automatically power on the phone at the designated time as long as the battery is not flat. But even on these phones, the alarm does not work when the phone is off.

It seems no vendors offer such a feature since Android Oreo 8. Anyway, I only share what I know. You may let the community know if you get an Android phone that can alarm you when it is aladm off. I guess some other members may also look for this feature.

You need check the seal of the box to see whether there it is a used or new one. Normally, if previous owner reset the ajdroid, the alarms should be cleared. Hi Simon, My motog was updated to the lollipop version after which I am facing a problem with the alarm.

When slarm alarm rings in the morning I do not get the face wherein you swipe the alarm to stop it. I have to actually go into the alarm app and deactivate my alarm option to stop the ringing. Would you have any idea how to correct this problem? When it rings, you should get the clock in how to make quilt by hand lock screen.

Drag it to left to snooze, right to androie. Also, in the notification area, you can also find the alarm notification and you can dismiss it there as well. Yes you should get jow clock on top of the lock screen and the first alarm did but not the second or third. Any ideas why? It how to have the best nerf war always show only one the nearest one alam in locks screen. This is normal. It does not make sense xlarm show a list of alarms, probably.

It is not a list of alarms but 3 seperate alarms at seperate times. How to make a stepper motor first one goes off and can be seen easily and is switched off. The second one goes off but is not on the front screen, you have to unlock the phone and drag down the icons from the top to switch it off. Not sure what you want to do? The lock screen only displays the closest alarm. You need dismiss the expired one.

This is the purpose of alarm. Is the provision is there to do so?

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Mar 25,  · Several ways I think. Trying to remember exactly how I did this. use the astro app to explore your SD card. make a new folder called music and you should be able to pick your mp3. been a long time since I did that. I use an app called Better Alarm now and in the set alarm setting screen there is an option to select music. Aug 12,  · Select the alarm tone you want to use. Find the ringtone you want to hear when your alarm goes off, and tap its name on the list. Some devices allow you to select music as your alarm ringtone. In this case, tap the Music tab at the top to see available music. If you want to add your own ringtone, tap the green "+" icon. This way, you can select. Jul 31,  · Android Apps/Applications Mobile Development. This example demonstrates about How to play a custom ringtone/alarm sound in Android. Step 1 ? Create a new project in Android Studio, go to File ? New Project and fill all required details to create a new project. Step 2 ? Add the following code to res/layout/

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 64, times. Learn more Open the Clock app. Tap the Alarm tab. Tap an alarm. Tap Alarm tone and volume or Ringtone.

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Download Article Explore this Article Steps. Related Articles. Article Summary. This wikiHow teaches you how to edit your alarm clock, and set a new alarm tone, using Android. Open the Clock app on your Android. Find and tap the time widget on your home screen, or the Clock app icon on the Apps menu to open it. This tab is located on the top-left corner of your menu bar. It will open a list of all your saved alarms. Tap the alarm you want to edit.

This will open the settings page for the selected alarm. Alternatively, you can tap Add and create a new alarm preset. Tap Alarm tone and volume. This will open a list of all the available alarm sounds you can use. On some versions, this button may be named Ringtone. Select the alarm tone you want to use. Find the ringtone you want to hear when your alarm goes off, and tap its name on the list. Some devices allow you to select music as your alarm ringtone. In this case, tap the Music tab at the top to see available music.

This way, you can select any sound file and set it as your custom alarm ringtone. Tap the. Tap SAVE on the top-right.

This will save your new alarm tone. Some smartphones don't use the hour time format. Your phone might have given you an hour list up till If so, use the hour format equivalent. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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