How to turn water on at the street

how to turn water on at the street

How To: Turn Off Your Homes Water

Turn on the water pump. The pump should turn on, pressurize the water tank, and turn off. If the pump turns on but does not turn off check that the shutoff valve supplying water to the building is indeed closed - otherwise your system may be pumping water out of an open faucet or a leaky burst water pipe. Mar 20, Shutting your water off at the curb is simple when you know what to do. In this short video tutorial, City of Gresham Field Customer Service representative E.

By Katelin Hill and Bob Vila. You may need to do so for a scheduled plumbing repair or before leaving on a long trip. So it makes sense to familiarize yourself now with how to turn off the water supply and educate family members as well to make regular maintenance easier and even save hundreds or even thousands of dollars of repair costs in a worst-case scenario.

The water main shutoff valve could be in a number of places, depending on the age of your home and the climate of your location. The knob will either be a gate valve, which looks like a circular spigot, or a ball valve, which has a lever-style handle. For ball valves, turn the lever clockwise 90 degrees. Turn on a sink located in the lowest level how to turn it on your home, so water in the pipes from the floors above drain all the way down.

Make sure to how to use virtual dj for karaoke both the hot and cold taps and run them until they empty fully. How to make google cash repairs are complete, turn the water back on by twisting the valve counter-clockwise. Bonus tip: Label the valve for the next time it is needed, putting arrows that indicate which way to turn in order to shut off and turn on the water.

That way, you can continue to use the plumbing in the rest of the house while addressing the problem. Appliances and fixtures like dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, toilets, and sinks usually have their own individual shutoff valves that are helpful in times of repairs. Look for a small round or oval knob near the appliance or fixture, usually attached to flexible tubing, which you can turn clockwise to stop the water flow.

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Jan 14, In the event your inside main water valve fails, there's one final backstop you can operate to shut off water to the house: the main water valve on the street. The picture below shows a typical water meter cover found in cities and counties across the U.S. With the cover off, you can see the water meter and the county's cutoff valve (to the left). Turn the stop tap clockwise to turn the water off and anti-clockwise to turn the water on. Top tip: all plumbing adjustments must be carried out while the mains water supply remains shut off. Dont forget that there will still be water in the pipes in your home. Aug 28, Turn off your homes main water supply. Heres how to switch off the water main shutoff valve. STEP 1: Locate the valve. The water main shutoff Author: Katelin Hill.

Last Updated: April 13, References. This article was co-authored by Dave Jones. In , Jones joined Roto-Rooter as a drain service technician at the age of Since then, he has risen through the ranks into positions of increasing authority.

There are 29 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 93, times. Whether your water has stopped unexpectedly or because of planned repairs, you probably need to get it back on again. In most cases, the water company can turn the water back on for you. If you want to turn the water on manually, however, you can either switch on the valves next to your appliances or use the main water shut-off valve.

Well water will require you to locate an electrical switch as well. If you are de-winterizing the house, you may need to check for leaks or damage first.

The easiest way to turn the water back on in your house is to contact the water company, since they can do it for you. When you call, explain the problem, and ask them to look into it. Or, if you just moved, ask them to set up service. To turn the water back on yourself, first locate the supply shut-off valve near the appliance. The valve should be attached to a pipe and will look like a wheel or a lever.

Turn this valve counter-clockwise at least turns, or until the water comes back on. Instead, call a plumber to fix or replace it. To learn how to switch on the main water valve, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great.

By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Contact the water company. In most cases, you should let public works or the municipal water company turn your water on for you. You can contact your local water company by calling them or using their online assistance portal. Ask the water company to start service if you just moved.

Contact the company 2 weeks in advance. If possible, ask them to turn the water on the day before you move in. You may need to provide basic identification and a form of payment. Explain what the problem is if your water stopped unexpectedly.

If your water stopped unexpectedly, the water company may be able to tell you why. Some common problems include: [5] X Research source Unpaid bills. You may be asked to pay your water bill and extra late fees. Neighborhood or city leak. You will have to wait until the leak is fixed. A broken valve. They may send someone to inspect your valve or suggest that you hire a plumber. If the valve is broken, the city must fix it. Request permission to turn the main valve on yourself.

The main valve and water meter are the property of your city. Call the water company to get permission to touch or handle the main valve. If you are not allowed to touch the main valve, they will do it for you. Appliance supply valves can be turned on or off at your leisure. Method 2 of Locate the supply shut-off valve near the appliance or fixture. This valve will look like a wheel or a lever. It should be attached to the pipe running out of the device.

The wheels are called gate valves while the levers are called ball valves. Some older houses may not have supply shut-off valves for appliances and sinks. In this case, you will need to turn on the water at the main valve. Turn the valve counterclockwise. If it is a gate valve, you may need to do 2 to 4 full turns before it turns on.

If it is a ball valve, turn it so that it is parallel with the pipe. Avoid forcing the valve. Forcing the valve can cause the pipe to crack, burst, or leak. A plumber will be able to fix or replace the valve for you. Method 3 of Close all sinks and faucets. You can leave 1 sink on to help equalize the pressure; any sink will work. Turn it on all the way. Otherwise, every other faucet must be turned off all the way in your home.

Locate your shut-off valve. In most areas, the valve is located outside. Check outside near the street. You may notice a grate in the ground. If you lift up this grate, you should see a hole with a pipe running through it. To open the grate, you can simply reach down and pick it up. If this is hard to do, insert a wrench in the key hole.

Turn it and lift up to remove the grate. Identify the water valve. You may notice a water meter or gauge with 1 or more turn-handles on either side. These handles are the shut-off valves. In this case, use the valve closest to your house, which will be a gate or wheel-shaped valve.

You can turn this by hand. In older homes, there will be just 1 valve. It will have a notched top that is perpendicular to the pipe. You will need a water key to turn this valve. You can get one at a hardware store. This will allow the water to start running without bursting your pipes. Your water should now work. If it has a notched top, use a water key by holding the T-shaped side. Place the other side on top of the notch and turn. Instead, call a plumber to help.

Forcing the valve can cause a leak. Method 4 of Turn the upper valve at the water pump. You may notice a pipe coming up and over the water pump.

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