How to start blood on the ice

how to start blood on the ice

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When "Blood on the Ice" is started and the witnesses are questioned, the Dragonborn can walk straight to Hjerim and investigate it, thereby skipping a significant section of the quest. Bugs This section contains bugs related to Blood on the Ice. Sep 02,  · To start "Blood on the Ice," players will need to make their way to Windhelm between PM and AM in-game. If players fulfill both conditions, they should notice a .

Blood on the Ice is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrimin which the Dragonborn must investigate a series of murders in the city of Windhelm that has seen several young women dead and ohw. The quest takes place exclusively in the city of Windhelm, the capital of Eastmarchwhere several young women blooc been killed alone at night by an unknown murderer dubbed "the Butcher.

The Dragonborn will encounter a murder scene at night, between PM and AM; several bystanders and a guard stand around the corpse of Susanna the Wicked atop a burial slab in the graveyard of the city. The guard will approach the Dragonborn, telling them to keep their distance from the scene. After asking what happened and offering to help investigate, the quest will begin. As the guard hkw, the Dragonborn should ask the witnesses gathered around the body the art of seduction how to seduce a man they saw anything.

As Helgird notes, although the corpse of Susanna will not have any clothes, she will still have various items such as gemstones, jewelryand gold. It is clear that this was not a robbery, but rather something much more dubious.

After the Dragonborn has spoken to all three of the witnesses, they should speak again to the guard at the scene of the murder. Although the Dragonborn can directly begin looking for hte into the murders, they will not receive any hints from the guards or the steward if they do so. If the Dragonborn reports to the steward, Jorleifhe will have the following conversation:. Once the Dragonborn has received permission from Jorleif to investigate the murders, the guards will assist the Dragonborn by providing advice and hints that will lead to the advancement of the quest.

Upon returning to the guard at the crime scene, the body of Susanna will be gone and the guard will render assistance. Additionally, after reading one of the pamphlets across the city, the Dragonborn can ask a guard about the killer who the pamphlet has been calling the "Butcher":.

The Dragonborn can choose to follow the trail of blood leading away from the crime scene or enter the Hall of the Dead to speak with Helgird. Going to the Hall of the Dead is optional; however, it can yield some useful information. Helgird will say the following on this matter:. Talking to Helgird here will reveal that the lacerations on the bodies of the victims were unmistakably caused by curved blades indicative of ancient Nordic embalming tools.

Despite Helgird being the only person to obviously possess ancient Nord embalming ghe, she insists that she had nothing to do with the murders.

This indicates that how to download music to a phone memory card murderer also possesses such tools. A trail of blood leads away from the crime scene and up to the upper residential level of the city. The Dragonborn can proceed to follow the trail of blood leading from the cemetery to Hjerima manor to the northwest. Approaching the door will complete the lce the crime scene" objective and remove the marker over the tomb near where the victim was ixe.

The manor is master-locked and can be opened if the Dragonborn successfully lockpicks the door or by retrieving the key. Speaking to a guard will tp that the how to bruise your cheek bone person with a key to the house is Friga Shatter-Shield 's mother, Tova Shatter-Shieldas the house once belonged to her daughter before she was murdered by the Butcher.

The Dragonborn does not need to talk to a guard before speaking with Tova, and can go straight to her instead. The Dragonborn, if skilled enough, can pickpocket the key from Tova directly or can just speak with her to gain access to the house. When the Dragonborn o Hjerim, they will need to investigate the seemingly abandoned property, including the furniture. Upon inspecting various elements throughout the house, what do you have to study to be a psychologist will become obvious that the house is not, in fact, abandoned, but has been recently accessed.

They can investigate the following, how to install amazon app store individual observations for each:. The bloody chest against the wall of the left of the entrance contains Butcher Journal 1which details some of the Butcher's activities. In the northwest room of the first floor lie two wardrobes and a small shelf.

On the shelf in this room is a stack of pamphlets entitled, " Beware the Butcher! Stsrt the Dragonborn chooses not retrieve the Butcher's second journal, they can speak to Viola Giordano, the author of the pamphlets, who can assist the Dragonborn in investigating Hjerim further.

Initially speaking to her will yield this:. The Dragonborn can then lead Giordano to Hjerim or meet her there. Once outside the house, the Dragonborn can have the following conversation with her:. Inside, Giordano will move through the first floor of the house towards the northeast room straight ahead, where she will notice something off about the wardrobe with the false back.

The Dragonborn should then, upon inspecting the cabinet, open the false back panel and enter the secret room. The Dragonborn should then pick up the journal on the altar and speak to Giordano:. Alternatively, if the Dragonborn has already investigated Hjerim and found the second journal, talking to Viola afterwards and showing her the journal will blold result in her suspecting Wuunferth and telling the Dragonborn to talk to gow steward about him.

The Dragonborn can then go straight to Jorleif and accuse Wuunferth the Unliving of being the Butcher, or confront Wuunferth themselves. Alternatively, the Dragonborn, after recovering the Strange Amulet, can ask a guard about it, in which they will direct them to Calixto, the curator of Calixto's House of Curiosities :.

Calixto is often located at Calixto's House of Curiosities, his house and business, and will discuss the amulet with the Dragonborn, identifying it as the symbolic Wheelstone belonging to Wuunferth. He will offer to buy it forclaiming that it is merely of ceremonial value. The Dragonborn can decide to go to Jorleif and tell him that the Butcher is Wuunferth, the court wizard.

Jorleif will then direct a guard to follow him to arrest Wuunferth and proceed to his location, usually his quarters. It is not necessary to witness Wuunferth's arrest, however doing so will yield the following:. Wuunferth: "What is the meaning of this?

And Friga Shatter-Shield. And all the startt. We're wise to your scheming, you coward. I've been scrying and auguring to find the murderer myself. Get him out of my sight. I'm sorry, sir. But you'll have to come with me. Wuunferth will now be bow in the Windhelm Barracksto which the guard will curtly say, "In you go," before closing and locking the cell. With the quest complete, Windhelm appears safe once again; however, following a period of three days, the body of a young female with similar cuts to the previous victims will appear outside of Candlehearth Hall.

A guard nearby will have the following conversation with the Dragonborn if spoken to:. With Wuunferth behind bars, it appears that the Butcher has eluded arrest. Talking to Wuunferth, located in his cell in the Bloodworks of the Palace of the Kings, will make it clear that he is not the killer:. Wuunferth will reveal that he had been tracking the killer before he was arrested; on this note, he is able to determine when and where the Butcher will strike next according to the journals.

The mage predicts that the next what is qualities of a good leader will occur within the next day or so; the Dragonborn must now patrol the Stone Quarter at night to catch the How to start blood on the ice before he can strike again.

Alternatively, the Dragonborn may approach Wuunferth immediately and accuse him of necromancy as well as the murders. The following conversation will occur:. I've heard you dabble in necromancy. I am a member of the College of Winterhold, in good standing! They haven't allowed necromancy for hundreds of years! Speaking directly with Wuunferth instead of having him arrested results in a similar conversation with the Dragonborn, also directing them to keep watch in the Stone Quarter at night.

The Dragonborn can then proceed with the how to get wavy hair black male without having to wait for the next victim and wrongfully imprisoning Strat.

Regardless of how to prevent eyeliner from fading earlier paths taken, the Dragonborn finds themselves in the Stone Quarter in order to thwart the Butcher once and for all.

In the markets in the southwest corner of the city, the killer will strike again; the Dragonborn should be ready to act immediately if they wish to save the next victim. Calixto murders another victim, Arivanya. Calixto Corrium will be present in the market; however, unlike the other characters in the area, he will simply stand around and not interact with anyone. Suddenly, the target will begin shouting for help as Calixto draws a knife and slowly approaches his next victim, revealing himself to be the Butcher.

Despite this display, the guards will not react, and so it is up to the Dragonborn. They, without incurring a bounty, may attack and kill Calixto at any time, including before he draws his knife, when he is approaching his victim, and after he has killed her. If Calixto is able to kill his victim, he will make his escape and proceed to run to Hjerim and into the secret room there.

Entering will result in the Dragonborn being blod Calixto cannot be detained, atart the quest will only progress once he has been killed. Once the deed is done, the Dragonborn should then speak with Jorleif to confirm that the Butcher has been stopped. The quest will then be completed and the Dragonborn will now have the ability to purchase and decorate Hjerim from Jorleif if they did not arrest Wuunferth; notably, this will only be available if the Stormcloaks were sided with in the Skyrim Civil War or if Windhelm was taken with the Imperial Legion.

If the Dragonborn sold the Strange Amulet to Calixto previously, it can be recovered from his corpse, now revealed to be the Necromancer's Amulet ; in addition, Calixto carries a key that unlocks a chest that lies on the small second level of his house.

This chest contains items such as ancient Nordic embalming tools, definitively indicating that he was the Butcher. This section contains bugs related to Blood how to start blood on the ice the Ice. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Bpood you like this video? Play Sound. Due to its uncharacteristically superb quality, this article is nominated to be highlighted as a good article!

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Statements and footage within the video may be inaccurate, outdated, incomplete, or otherwise misleading to viewers. Windhelm is plagued by a shadowy killer.

I've been asked to help investigate the latest murder. Keep your distance. This is Susanna, from Candlehearth Hall.

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With Skyrim's hundreds of quests, dungeons, and mods to explore, there is no shortage of content for this legendary RPG. The game's variety is second to none in the genre, which can be seen through Skyrim's various quests.

One of the game's most interesting quests is "Blood on the Ice," a murder mystery that tasks players with uncovering a murderer that roams the streets of Windhelm. The quest has a surprising amount of branching paths of players to take, and it offers a great reward compared to most side quests. Here is a complete guide to the "Blood on the Ice" quest in Skyrim. If players fulfill both conditions, they should notice a crime scene at the town's graveyard to the left of the gate entrance.

Once players see the corpse and copious amounts of blood, the game will start the quest and ask players to report the incident to the guards. Windhelm's guards already know about the issue by the time players report it to them. Sadly, this isn't the first time someone has been murdered.

Multiple women have been murdered similarly before. The guards don't know who it is and are too busy with the Civil War to investigate, so they allow the player to investigate the crime scene and bring this "Butcher" to justice. Head back to the crime scene after talking with the guards. They will tell the player to talk to one of three witnesses: Calixto Corrium, Silda the Unseen, and Helgird.

Talking to all three will reveal little of anything. Reporting back to the guards will yield no hints on how to continue, so players will need to continue investigating the scene. Players can also talk to Helgrid in the Hall of the Dead for some additional information, although it is mainly irrelevant for completing the quest. Further inspecting the body will reveal a trail of blood. Following the trail will lead to Hjerim, an abandoned home in Windhelm.

Bringing this up with the guards who will direct the player to Tora Shatter-Shield, the mother of the previous owner of the house.

Talking to Tora will reveal that she has a key to Hjerim that players can use. Simply talk to her and she will grant the players a key to the house.

Alternatively, players can steal it from her if they are proficient with Pickpocketing or pick the Master lock on the door outright. Once players enter the house, they might notice that a pamphlet named "Beware the Butcher" is lying on a shelf.

Players can choose to continue investigating the house or seek out the writer of this pamphlet named Viola Giordano. If players wish to do the latter, they can find Viola in the Candlehearth Hall in the evening. Talk to her and she will assist the player in investigating the house. Regardless of the player's decision to seek Viola's assistance, entering Hjerim will reveal a rather sparse home with a few objects to inspect. Walk up to any item in the room and interact with it to investigate it.

If the player brought Viola with them, she will have additional dialogue pertaining to the Butcher and how the town is not investigating the murders due to the Civil War. After investigating the wardrobe, players will find a hidden panel that leads to a hidden room.

Inside the room is a Strange Amulet that is beside a necromancy altar. Pick up the journals and amulet and bring them to Wuunferth the Undying, Windhelm's court wizard, or Calixto at his shop. Bringing the strange amulet to either Wuunferth or Calixto will cause both to offer a Gold reward for turning it in. While this isn't strange for Calixto as he's a collector, it does seem odd that Wuunferth wants it.

Players can question him about it and even accuse Wuunferth to be the Butcher if they so desire. Wuunferth is critical to the next step of this quest. Players can either talk to the court wizard directly and question him about practicing necromancy or, alternatively, take the issue to Jorleif and insist that Wuunferth is the Butcher.

Doing the latter will put Wuunferth in jail, which is an event the player can witness themselves. Everything seems back to normal once he's in prison, but waiting three days will reveal yet another murder. Talking to Wuunferth at this stage will reveal that he was investigating the Butcher. He will direct the player to investigate the Stone Quarter at night to look for suspicious activity.

For players that wish to talk to Wuunferth first, he will tell the player that he is investigating the Butcher extensively and believes he roams the Stone Quarter at night. Both options ultimately lead to the same objective, but one delays the quest by a few days. At this point, players will need to head to the market district known as the Stone Quarter at some point between dusk and dawn. Players that talked to Wuunferth first and did not imprison him will always see Arivanya appear.

Regardless of who shows up, players will soon notice Calixto Corrium appears from the shadows. He will draw a knife and proclaim himself as the feared Butcher of Windhelm. Guards won't react to this, so the player needs to intervene. When Calixto reveals himself to be the Butcher , players need to kill him before he kills the murder victim.

Killing Calixto on the streets will not incur a bounty on the player, even if its right next to a guard. Should the player fail to kill Calixto in time, he will murder the victim and retreat to Hjerim. Run back to his home to find him in the hidden altar room. Kill Calixto to finish this step. Upon killing the Butcher, players will be tasked with talking to Jorleif. Speaking to him will complete the questline, granting players the ability to claim Hjerim as their own and decorate it as they please.

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