How to mount a toolbox in a truck bed

how to mount a toolbox in a truck bed

How To Mount A Toolbox in A Truck Bed

Jan 11,  · You’re going to put it down, make sure you buy a washer. J hook takes a millimeter little nut. And then you’re going to come through the bottom and put this hook under the bed rails . Dec 03,  · Typical Toolbox Installation Steps First, determine where you’re going to place the tool box in your truck bed. Most people choose to install truck boxes Measure the width of the box, and then cut rubber or foam padding to place on your truck rails to protect from Enter the rubber j-bolt plugs.

You can mount a toolbox in your truck bed with these easy DIY methods. It helps provide better storage capacity and provides security, and helps you to organize the tools easily. How to Install a Toolbox in a Truck Bed? You can install a toolbox in a truck bed by selecting a suitable what causes pain in my uterus, add rubber pads, fix it with J-shaped hooks, and secure it with plastic stripes and brackets.

It provides safety as it protects from water and rain. Anyone can steal your instruments if they are present openly inside the vehicle. The gadget box comes in various types of materials. You can easily place it by following the below-mentioned steps. The required items include measurement tape, screwdriver, nuts and bolts, and protective gloves. Place the box in any position inside the truck bed.

Firstly, determine if you like to place the gadgets container in front or back or on the sides. You can make your own truck toolbox and place it accordingly.

Fix the rubber pad on the surface to ensure that the paint remains intact and protected. Some pickups have dedicated liners that look awesome. You can use it when replacing the oxygen sensor. Most of the instrument case has holes in the bottom. Place the plugs made of rubber in these holes. After placing the instrument case, remove the rubber plugs, and fix it in the right position.

To see the bottom part of the gadgets trunk easily, open the lid and add a kill switch at this site. As you have fixed the instrument kit, attach it with the metal surface to screw the J-shaped hooks to fix it. There is a gadget trunk with a wide variety of shapes, so you may be needed to attach a few j-shaped hooks to set the gadget case on the surface.

The J-shaped clips are very reliable, and they help to grip it firmly. So it will not tilt on any other side while driving and remain stable in its respective position. You can unlock your pickup without keys by using these hooks.

After placing the J-shaped hooks, now is the turn of nuts and bolts. Most of the instrument containers have pre-drilled how to make apple wine from concentrate, so you have to fix the nuts and bolts.

Also, others do not have any holes. For this purpose, you need a drilling machine. Then tighten the nuts how to replace a trimmer line the help of bolts.

Apply lubricant at the nuts and bolts to ease the process of rotation. After fixing the instrument trunk in the allocated location, test it by applying some external force. It will not tilt in any direction if appropriately set.

Also, you can go on a drive and test whether the nuts and bolts remain tight or not. If the nuts and bolts are loose, then tighten them again with a spanner.

Gadget trunks come in various varieties and materials. Plastic made instrument cases have a short life and are not exposed to rust and corrosion because of plastic material.

These are lightweight, so you can easily carry a trunk without any problem. Gadget containers also come in aluminum material. Such trunks are non-corrosive and have a shine on their surface. They have an aluminum surface and use a diamond layer to cover the outer body.

They are light in weight and long life. Aluminum made containers are best and affordable in price. So they are highly recommended by the experts. If you replacing the emblem on your Ford truckyou can store the parts in this section.

Steel made containers are not ideal and are have less life as compared to aluminum. They are heavy what form of government does chad have compared to aluminum.

Paint is used to cover the outer surface. Because they are heavy, the steel body trunk causes it consumes more fuel. So you should not buy steel made containers because they are not reliable.

If you do not have a trunk in your pickup and your instruments are spread open in the surface bed, there are more chances that the devices will get rusty. It will be your partner in the hour of need when you require any items to fix an issue in the pickup.

Keep your gadget box updated, and have a good journey. Related Articles. How to choose a battery for your truck? How to Keep Truck Bed Cool? How to Turn a Subaru Forester into a Camper? Facebook WhatsApp.


Use measuring tape to get the size of the toolbox. Inspect the truck bed and look for the best position to place the box. Keep in mind the dimension of the toolbox, how the cover opens, and the operations of the lock. Locate a position that will comfortably accommodate the toolbox with all these factors being considered. Step 3 - Foam Material. Fit the J-hooks or other type of Bolts: Once the holes in the tool box align with those found on the bed rail,the next step in slipping the J-hooks. Depending on the design of the truck or tool box, you may be required to carryout this step before placing the toolbox on the bed rails. May 18,  · run eye bolts into toolbox, run cable from eyebolts to tie down points in front corner of your bed. beats drilling into your bed floor.

Table of Contents. Installing a truck tool box is a great way to save your truck from scratches, rust, and damage loose cargo can cause. Not only that, but it will keep your gear and cargo out of the harsh weather, ultimately extending its tools lifespan. It will safely store your gear and equipment and lockable and organized box. Toolboxes come in many shapes and sizes and are made with various materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. Before we begin installing whichever of the best truck tool boxes you have, who want to make sure that you have the proper gear ready.

Here are the most common tools needed to install an organizer safely. Without further ado, here are the five steps to installing a truck tool box with bed liner. Use a measuring tape for exact measurements as this will help with the wear and tear of both your truck and the toolbox in the future. Further Reading: Finding the Best truck Awnings of the year.

Most likely the toolbox you purchased includes the required bolts, nuts, screws that are required when installing toolbox to the truck bed or rails. Asked about the measuring tape because were about to measure your truck to make sure the toolbox fits correctly and remember to check if if it works with your truck bed tent.

Inspect the area you plan on installing the toolbox. It all fits correctly or wipe down the surface and get your toolbox ready. This step is straightforward. Make sure the foam has been cut to proper measurements for installing.

In this step you will anchor the toolbox to your truck bed. Firstly, make sure that your box fits under your tonneau cover if you have one. If your toolbox happens to be made of a plastic material, you should have your drill ready to drill holes through it for the bolts and nuts that will lock it into place.

Generally these are installed with a special sort of bolt — a J-bolt. These bolts Will be screwed into the pre-drilled holes and into the truck bed like you may have done with your truck bed extender , securing it in place properly. Finishing this step with the metal toolbox is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is line up the holes with the truck bed or truck rail and set them into place.

Ensure the foam padding is still lined up properly underneath and inside the toolbox. Now that the toolbox cover to locate where the holes are. Underneath the toolbox position the hook of the J-bolt with the rail bed of the truck. Fix the rubber plugs that were included. Now finally, place the knots and position and begin to tighten them with pliers.

Installing a truck tool box in a truck with bed liner is very straightforward. You should be ready for DIY install of your truck organizer now. Thanks for reading, leave a comment below with any questions or information you would like to add to this article.

How to Install a Truck Tool Box in 4 Steps — Step-by-Step Guide Before we begin installing whichever of the best truck tool boxes you have, who want to make sure that you have the proper gear ready. Gather Materials. Measuring Asked about the measuring tape because were about to measure your truck to make sure the toolbox fits correctly and remember to check if if it works with your truck bed tent.

Lay down the Foam This step is straightforward. Anchoring your Tool Box In this step you will anchor the toolbox to your truck bed. Final Words Installing a truck tool box in a truck with bed liner is very straightforward.

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