How to make oval jump rings

how to make oval jump rings

Oval Jump Rings

Nov 30,  · When I get in a creative rut, I make parts to use in future projects. I was making jump rings the other day, and decided to share a quick tip with you! Learn. How I Make Handmade Oval Jump Rings. by Debra Lowe. (Denver, Colorado USA) I wanted to share something I may be behind and you all may be very adept at jump ring creations. tiny oval jump rings. I was at a show last weekend and asked my favorite tool guy about a jump ring making tool for ‘oval’ jump rings. I’ve made the round ones for.

Today we have a great tip from Albina Manning. Take a look at this quick and easy idea for using oval jump rings instead of round ones. Albina says:. Oval jump rings are a great alternative to round jump rings. These rings are ideal for connecting claspscharms or beads to chains. Need a mandrel to make your own oval jump rings? Use a set of two the same size knitting needles, and wrap your wire around them.

Carefully remove coil and cut evenly with sharp flush cutters double- flush cutters work the best. Now you have your own Oval Jump rings. If you love this and want to see more tips from Albina, click to see her Chain Card and Wire Organizer tips.

Happy Wrapping! Click to Receive Daily Tips by Email. I tape the knitting needles together to stop them flopping how to use per diem on taxes then use a fine jewellers saw carefully between the needles.

The result is a good oval and the ends of the jump ring are rjngs ready to be soldered. I love the idea of making your jump rings around the knitting needles. However when I take them off the knitting needle they spring open and semi uncoil so that they are hard cut. Is there a secret to sawing them so all the saw cuts are on one side? Your email address will not be published. By Judy Ellis on February 12, How to watch tv in laptop without internet Tiles on Tube Rivets and Eyelets.

Rivet and Eyelet Tools. Looking rkngs an Earring Finding? Janis Capraro February 12, at pm. Thank you-what a great help this will be!!!!

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Need a mandrel to make your own oval jump rings? Use a set of two the same size knitting needles, and wrap your wire around them. 2. Carefully remove coil and cut evenly with sharp flush cutters (double- flush cutters work the best). Produce jump rings quickly and easily with this time-saving device. Coil your wire around one of the twenty mandrels (in the diameters , 3, , 4, , 5, , 6, , 7, , 8, , 9, , 10, , 11, , 12 mm) using the included hand-winder. Oct 29,  · You can also create oval jump rings by making a round jump ring. First, you solder it closed and then you alter its shape with a pair of bow or ring-opening pliers (reverse action pliers – you squeeze them and they open up). There are quite a few different sizes to choose from. These tools are also used in the body piercing industry.

Thank you for the pics! I use different size knitting needles to make my jumprings, I'd love an oval jump ring maker, I think they are the best. I usually use two knitting needles to make those, side by side. Slippery but it works!! I like the "tidying up of the other side" of the jump ring bit! Makes perfect sense, now! Hi Mylene, just started following your blog and reading through some of your older posts I came across this one. I've just purchased the oval beadalon jump ring maker and I'm having trouble sliding the wire off the mandrel.

Any hints or tips? I know this is one of your older posts and I'm not sure sure you'll even get this comment but one can only try. Hi Davinia Nice to meet you here!

The trick with making oval jump rings is NOT to slide the coil off the mandrel but rather to cut the individual rings whilst the coil is still on the shaft. This will help ensure all your cuts are in the same place. Hope that helps you. Hi Lois, Thank for stopping by. I use a Beadalon semi flush cutter and bought it in Australia. It's certainly not the cheapest one on the market but it's excellent to work with and I think it's worth investing in good tools.

In the US you should be able to pick them up for around half that price. Glad you've find my blog helpful. Thanks for stopping by today. Your comment is really appreciated. Saturday, July 26, - 5 comments. Pin it for Later! Newer Post Older Post. France July 26, at PM. Davinia October 21, at PM. Lois Tryphena April 21, at AM. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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