How to make karela in hindi

how to make karela in hindi

Karele ki Sabzi Recipe Card

Mar 01,  · ????? ?? ??? ?? ????? ?????? ???????? ?? ???? - Karela juice benefits for diabetes in Hindi; ????? ?? ??? ?? ??? ????? ????? ?? - Karela juice benefits for cancer in Hindi. May 05,  · How to make bharwa karela recipe. Bharwan karela best recipe bharwa karela banane ki vidhi easy karela recipe in hindi. Aise karela banayenge to bilkul kadwa.

Karela Juice is a boon for those with diabetes, because the high dose of insulin how to reset samsung s5620 other kareela substances in the karela plant help to control blood sugar levels!

It is suggested that diabetic people maoe healthy karela juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Doing this regularly is sure to avoid unnecessary spike in blood sugar levels.

Plus, being a good source of potassiumKarela Juice is beneficial for those with high blood pressure too. Antioxidants vitamin A and hpw C work to give you glowing skin, healthy eyesight and better immunity too.

Being low in carbs, this bitter gourd juice for weight loss, blood pressure, glowing skin helps in weight loss too. So, Karela Juice is good not just for diabetics but for anybody! So, how do you make this juice properly so that it tastes good and you will enjoy having it in the morning?

Well, dilute it with the right proportions of water and spike it up with a little salt and lemon karelw. And it tastes good enough to have every day!

Add the lemon juice and salt and mix bitter gourd juice well. Enjoy how to make karela juice recipe for diabetics bitter gourd juice for weight loss, blood pressure, glowing skin healthy karela juice with detailed step by step photos below. Also View These Related Recipes. Healthy Veg Soups Missed out on our mailers?

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Make TarlaDalal. You are not signed in. Please sign in to access your cookbooks Existing members click here to sign in New visitors click here to sign up. Please sign in to create shopping lists! Added to 3 cookbooks This recipe has been viewed times. Add the lemon juice and salt and mix well. Pour equal quantities of the karela juice into 2 karelw glasses and serve immediately.

Like Karela Juice Like karela juice recipe for diabetics bitter gourd juice for weight loss, blood pressure, glowing skin healthy how to clean crawl space juice then see our healthy marela recipe collection and some recipes we love. Here it is how it looks.

Wash the bitter gourd using water. Select karela that are bigger and pale green in colour, and avoid those karella are riper, with a slightly orange or red hue. If you dislike then remove the skin but, karela peel has many health benefits and we would suggest you to keep it. To read more about the health benefits of karelacheck Cut the karela crosswise and lengthwise. You will now have four pieces of bitter gourd. Other Related Recipes.

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Cathy Cathy. Also after having the juice, prefer to avoid eating for half an hour. I komang sutanegara I komang sutanegara. Munira Munira. Mercie Mercie. Eat healthy, stay healthy. Nemy Nemy. But if ni feel even slight discomfort after a few days, discontinue it. LC LC.

How to make Karele ki Sabzi -

Method. Step 1. Scrape the bitter gourds and reserve the scrapings. Slit them vertically and remove the seeds. Rub two tablespoons salt all over the bitter Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Category: Main-Course-Vegetarian. Jul 03,  · Step 1 - Wash karela and slice it into thin round rings. Remove seeds from the rings carefully without cutting open the rings. Step 3 - Heat oil (preferably, mustard oil) and deep fry or stir fry. Apr 15,  · To make karela juice, combine the karela and ? cup of water in mixer and blend till smooth. Strain the mixture using ? cup of water. Strain the mixture using ? cup of water. Add the lemon juice and salt and mix bitter gourd juice well.4/5(28).

Feel bitter for bitter gourd? Most Indian households slide karela into oblivion, mainly because of its bitter taste, which not many people like, especially kids. But, if you know the right way to make karela, you can turn its bitter and tarty flavour more appealing to your palate. The trick is to deep fry or stir-fry the karela before cooking to stave off its bitterness. While bharwan karela or pyaz karela or plain karela sabzi are commonly made in north India, which may often go untouched, you won't be able to lay off your hands from this crispy south Indian style karela fry.

Also known as Kakarakaya fry or bitter gourd fry, this crunchy and crispy karela fry is the perfect side dish for a plate of roti sabzi and dal platter. Some people also smatter it on the top of their dal-rice bowl for a variety of flavours and some crunch.

Karela is cut into tiny round pieces and stir-fried before cooking with spices, which makes it crispy and spicy, while its bitterness is long gone. A dash of lemon adds some tanginess to it, making it a yummy munching snack too. Karela Fry Recipe: Ingredients: 4 bitter gourds Salt to taste Red chilli powder to taste Half tsp turmeric powder haldi 1 tsp coriander powder Half tsp cumin powder Half tsp sugar Juice of half lemon Method: Step 1 - Wash karela and slice it into thin round rings.

Remove seeds from the rings carefully without cutting open the rings. Step 3 - Heat oil preferably, mustard oil and deep fry or stir fry the karela rings till they turn crispy and brown in colour. Step 4 - Add salt, turmeric powder, red chili powder, sugar, coriander powder and saute for a couple of minutes. Step 5 - Turn off the gas and sprinkle lime juice over the karela sabzi and serve. If you are going to have karela fry as a part of your Indian meal, you can also garnish it with some coriander leaves.

If you want to try it as a healthy snack in place of store-bought chips, you can splay some chaat masala and pair it with tomato sauce. Whichever way you choose to consume this amazing karela dish , we are sure you and your family will love it.

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