How to make cucumber extract

how to make cucumber extract

5 Ways that Cucumber Extract Can Benefit Your Diet

How to Obtain Pure Cucumber Extract | LEAFtv. Apr 17,  · Hi N.T.N.P welcome to today's video, hope you all are doing great if so, bless God. as for those of you that are still contemplating whether to SUBSCRIBE or.

A simple tutorial showing you how to make cucumber hydrosol at home, plus tips, guidelines and usage ideas. Cucumber Cucumis sativus hydrosol is a distillate derived from steam distilling cucumber slices.

The best part about cucumber hydrosols is that they can be made right at home! Other than this being a productive science experiment with worthy results, cucumber hydrosol is also amazingly beneficial in many ways:. For more information on the benefits of cucumber hydrosol, read: Cucumber Hydrosol Benefits.

Note: If you have a home distillation kit, simply load up the plant materials chamber with the sliced or chopped cucumbers. How to read latitude and longitude on a map may have to work in batches, depending on the size of your distillery equipment.

It may not be as efficient as a proper distiller, and it will be a bit messier and less productive, but it works fine for home use! There are so many ways to use cucumber hydrosol, from skin care to health and wellness. For more ideas on how to use cucumber hydrosol, read: 25 Ways to Use Hydrosols. Search this website Hide Search.

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Dec 16,  · This steam then passes through the cucumber slices and makes the pure plant water locked within the cells of the cucumber to be released. It then rises above until it hits the lid on top. Due to the ice ontop of the lid, the temperature of the lid is very low and this causes the vapor to instantly turn from gaseous state into liquid state. Aug 16,  · Simple Cucumber Juice 1. Peel your cucumbers if they are waxed. The skin of a cucumber is coated in a protective wax. While you can eat this 2. Slice off the ends of your cucumbers using a sharp knife. The bottom and top stem are hard, inedible parts that you 3. Chop the cucumbers into large 86%(38). Sep 06,  · Prepare the raw ingredient (s) for extraction. For vanilla extract, use a sharp knife to split the vanilla pod open Place the raw ingredient inside an 8 ounce glass bottle or mason jar. .

How to: Cucumber Glycerin Extract - 1. It's definitely a desirable alternative to formulating with fresh food. Let's make a glycerine extract using fresh, organic cucumber!

Calculating the Water to Glycerine Percentage Glycerine extracts are commonly made with dried plant materials that are reconstituted with water, then added to the glycerine. For this batch I used Is that really necessary since we're using glycerine? I had the same thought. But, let's look at this for a second. Introducing plant material and water to glycerine and letting it sit around for a while. Could this be a recipe for a bacteria rave party?

Yes, it could very well be. I think I agree with Aroma Zone on this one. Coming Up Straining and bottling the extract and testing it out in a product. A preservative in these kind of extracts is a good idea always, as minimises the risks of microorganisms growing. I'm so looking forward to know about your experience I'm really happy with this method, but you're a big expert and that's different.

I left the cucumber infusing 24h in the fridge, and after filtering thoroughly, I used the liquid extract as water phase.

March 31, at PM. LisaLise said…. I really have to thank you. Imagine - I have made tinctures, infusions and decoctions for ages, but never ever made a glycerine extract. It's about time! April 1, at PM. I have to try this and I have too much glycering in my cupboard!

Hi ladies, I can tell you that this summer cream is one of the simplest I've made. No other additives or actives whatsoever. Just preservative. No fragrances or essential oils. It was super light and fresh, so summery! This is my favourite for the hot Spanish summer and it goes very well for almost all skin types :. April 4, at AM. This sounds like a great combo. Which emulsifier did you use? Hi Lise, My favourte emulsifier are the Olivem and glyceryl stearate SE, as they are simple to use and I can modify texture just by adding thickeners or other texture enhancers, like stearic acid, cetearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, xantham gum, etc.

April 5, at AM. CC Mirabella said…. So happy to see this!! So I did it but went on family vacation right after so just got home I'm going to read this completely then check my experiment thank you to both of you girls!! April 5, at PM. Thanks for sharing! Hi CC Mirabella - Sounds fabulous! I love it when people are inspired by the comments :. KMY said…. I thought the peel contained "good stuff". April 28, at PM. The peel of cucumber brings unwanted elements to the mix.

June 22, at PM. June 23, at PM. I tried the cucumber glycerite and just wondering is the resulting solution suppose to be 'liquidy'? July 4, at PM. Hi Anon - it should be liquid but exactly the same viscosity as the glycerine is to begin with - no noticeable difference. Thanks for the response. Not sure where I went wrong cos mine has a runnier consistency, nothing like the glycerin I began with July 7, at PM. Hi Anon - This doesn't sound right-- do check that the glycerine you used is within date.

Also, did you measure the ratio of cucumber to glycerine? Does your extract smell ok? July 8, at AM. Marina said…. July 16, at PM. Hi Marina - stay tuned for a post on making a strawberry glycerine extract! Unknown said…. September 18, at PM. Ifexki said…. Hello Lise i love your blog a lot. I have been trying to make a skin product containing unrefined shea butter, any chance the cucumber glycerin would mix with the butter and if it doesn't, what do i do? December 9, at AM.

Hi Ifexki - Thanks for your kind words! If you want to mix an aqueous ingredient the glycerine extract has water content with anhydrous, you will need an emulsifier. Any time you add water to a product, you will also need to add a preservative.

December 9, at PM. Hi Lisa, thanx for the answer to Ifexki's question above, follow up question, how much must be the ratio of water phase aquaous to anhydrous phase? December 8, at AM. Hi Sthembile - this will depend on whether you want a cream or lotion or something in between. December 8, at PM. Jyoti said…. Hello Lisa! Thank you for your wonderful experiments and tutorials! I want to make a hibiscus glycerite with dried flowers.

Please guide to the ratio. Also do I need to rehydrate the flowers or can I use them in their dried form? Please help. August 15, at PM. HI Jyoti - I think you would find my book about making glycerites very useful as it goes into details with calculation charts for all kinds of materials - both for self-preserving and glycerites with added preservative.

As for using dried materials, you will get best results by adding a bit of water and this information is also included in the calculation charts in the book :. August 16, at AM. Crystal said…. Hi Lisa , I have started my journey in formulating natural skincare. Love your blogs and u inspire me so much.

I have started making Glycerites and loving the process. Thank you so much. August 26, at PM. Why on earth would you ever use Steric acid in anything it's a pesticide made from cotton seed oil. That's just crazy because your defeating everything your trying to accomplish. September 9, at PM. Hey there Anon - Not exactly sure who you are replying to? Stearic acid is a naturally occurring fatty acid.

Hi Lisa I started researching into making glycerites. I see you have chosen to use benzyl alcohol.

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