How to connect laptop to tv s video cable

how to connect laptop to tv s video cable

The Right Way to Hook Your Laptop Up to a TV

1. Connect the "S-Video to RCA" cable or the "Pro S-Video to 3 RCA" cable to the "S-video out" of the computer and to the "video in" (yellow RCA jack) on the TV. NOTE: This step must be performed before you start up the computer. Dec 19, The Right Way to Hook Your Laptop Up to a TV. If you're on a Windows PC, right-click the desktop and choose Display Settings. Scroll down to the Multiple Displays dropdownyou can choose to show If you're on a Mac, head to System Preferences > Displays and click on the Arrangement tab. Here you.

Cojnect you do not see your connection, call, chat or email us and we will send you the link. Please scroll down to see more options. S-video is just one way of connecting computer to tv. Other PC to TV connections including using a desktop computer or the favorite method: connect laptop to tv. Connecting a laptop to tv can be done in many different ways.

Note on Windows 7: If you upgraded to Win gideo you cabke probably need to update your video drivers in order to enable the S-Video output. If you are using Windows 7 run the Windows 7 TV wizard after connecting our cables. The movie will not play on both the laptop's screen and the TV under dual or clone view.

For further details read below. Before you start, change the display settings to x ; you need lptop do this since most TVs will not support higher resolution settings - this is ok, however, since you do not need higher resolution to enjoy your DVDs or to view your monitor's display on your TV. Also, make sure all of vable hardware is connected before turning on the computer; you may have trouble getting the video go to recognize the TV as the second monitor - the option on some Dells is to change to "Clone" in Nview.

NOTE: This step must be performed before you start up the computer. The S-Video jack on your computer may be a 4-pin or 7-pin jack that is usually on the back of the computer.

OK, you may not like how your screen looks how to take backup of ost files this setting after usig high-res settings, but you'll certainly enjoy your DVD on your TV!!! You can always change the res back when not playing DVDs.

The "FN" key is a short-cut key on most laptop keyboards. Note, the combination keys that you may have to press depend on your laptop. If the TV display too shifted to the right with a black vertical bar on the left side you will have to perform additional settings. Joshua T. Once you have switched over to use the tv you can simply adjust these clnnect while you watch the display on the television to get it looking the way you like. If you have an ATI video card the "Displays" tab gives you the output options.

If the TV is detected, it shows the power button on. The button next to that gives you adjustments for the picture, kind of like what does revocation mean in the court system to tk the view on your monitor.

On the bottom are some blue buttons. The default settings on the rest of the adjustments may not need to be changed. To make the TV the primary display you have to select "monitor 2" you do that by selecting monitor 2 with the mouse" and then "moving it" to the left of "monitor 1".

By switching the position of the monitors in your display settings you effectively make the monitor on the left the primary monitor. Videos and mpegs play on an "overlay" method and conneft only play on one monitor at the same timethus, you have to decide la;top monitor you want the video overlay to play in There's a drop down menu with what does rock mean in german monitors, select the first one.

Click on how to update firmware for psp advanced button. There's a tab laotop "s3 duo vue". Choose that tab, and click on the tv option. If you do not follow these steps you'll get a message from viveo savage image card control stating "You must ho the tv first. Click OK to close window. When the DVD player was showing the movie, the TV will display it, but the monitor window will be black unless you have dual display capability on your computer.

Your TV may just happen to be able to support the x pixel resolution that the yv may be set to, however, if you lower the resolution to x the movie will probably play much smoother without any noticeable drop in picture quality. Video Formats. You need to make sure that the video format selected on your computer is the same as the video format required for your television. Here's a tip from a Daniel W. I then downloaded IBM's newer driver. I now get color TV out.

Does anyone know why this switching is required? Email sales svideo. A few words about resolution. Remember that your monitor's VGA resolution and TV resolution is measured differently since they are different standards and were meant to connecr seen at different distances. How to connect Laptop to TV. Video on How to Clone your Primary Display. Pro 4-Pin S-Video with Audio.

Pro 4-pin S-Video with Audio 12 ft. Pro S-Video with 3. S-Video with Stereo Audio Cable 6 ft. S-Video with Stereo Audio 12 ft. S-Video with Stereo Laltop Cable, conncet ft.

Length: 6ft. Computer to TV Connection Guide. Computer to tv connections are popular. To watch online videos you can connect the pc to tv or laptop to tv. Please see our connection guides above. All rights reserved. Composite Video and Audio. S-Video and Audio. Component Video and Audio. Component Video to S-Video. VGA and Audio. Composite Video and Stereo Audio.

Video to VGA Convertor. VGA and Audio Cables with 3. VGA to Video Convertor. Component Video.

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Sometimes you want something on a big screen that your streaming box just can't handle. Maybe you're trying to watch video from an obscure service, or maybe you want to play PC games on that glorious inch panel.

Or maybe you just want to Zoom with your family without everyone huddling around a laptop. If you're having trouble figuring out what you need to connect your computer to your TV, we'll help you make it easy.

For example, if you have a Chromecast or a TV with Chromecast functionality built-in , you can open Chrome on your laptop, click the three dots menu in the upper-right corner, and choose Cast to send one of your browser tabs to your TV.

Check your streaming box to see if has similar functionality available. Just note that this may not be ideal for video or games, since the stream may appear a bit choppybut for showing off photos or browser tabs, it should work well.

There are so many different connection standards out there that finding the right cable or dongle for your laptop is likely the most difficult part of the processespecially if you don't know the names of those ports.

Here are the most common display connectors you'll find on computers, and what they're called. Click the links to see photos of each one. Remember, if you have an older machine that can't carry audio over its display port, you may need a separate cable for audio as well.

Frankly, once you've found your cable, the hard part is overbut for the best-looking image, you may need to make some tweaks. Plug your computer into your TV and switch to the right input. You should see your desktop or login screen appear on the TVthough it may not look right.

If it's blurry or pixelated, it may be mirroring your laptop's screen and scaling to fitand if your TV is missing all your windows, it's probably extending your desktop to your TV as a second monitor.

You can adjust these settings with the following steps:. If you choose to extend your display, either on Windows or Mac, you'll want to arrange the two squares to match your setupe. This allows you to click and drag windows upward to put them on the TV.

After you've arranged your displays on your computer, you may still find that some things don't look right. Certain TVs don't always play nicely with computers, so you'll want to grab your TV's remote, open up the settings, and check a few things:. If you're still having issues, you may have to google your specific brand or model of TV to find the solutionunfortunately, TV settings are rarely standardized in an easy-to-understand way across the industry, and every brand calls certain settings different things.

With any luck, though, you'll be up and running for that inch Zoom call in no time. Find the Right Cable for Your Laptop. Whitson Gordon is a San Diego-based writer helping people make the most of their technology. Contributor Twitter. Featured Video. Topics how-to tips displays laptops home entertainment magazine

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