How to connect ip camera to mobile phone

how to connect ip camera to mobile phone

IP Webcam Turns Your Android Phone into a Wireless Camera

IP Cameras How to access from a Mobile device 1. Open the internet browser of your smartphone. 2. T ype on the browser's address bar the WAN IP address following with the assigned port separated by a colon. For 3. Type "admin" on the username. The password will be "blank" (default). 4. Here you. Oct 26,  · How to connect Hikvision IP camera to Ivideon via mobile phone

Find remotes at:. Read more news ». Universal Remote Control Inc. Digital R Forum Search. Page 1 of 2. View Profile. A buddy of mine is a builder and wants to stick an IP camera how to criticize a movie a construction trailer at one of his sites.

He doesn't want to record, just be able to pull it up and see if his trades are on site or not, etc. Only internet access is through a mobile hotspot. Is there any way to have an IP camera and get it connected using the mobile hotspot? Was thinking a range extender or gaming adapter would get him a port to plug in to but I'm not sure how the routing part would be handled.

That or any router ought to do it. It is not that easy. If it does work Cradlepoint will likely have a hardware solution. The problem you will likely have is the broadband modem cards need to have the ability to allow a WAN session to be initiated from the internet. Many broadband modems do not allow this.

In my market less than a year ago Verizon was the only provder that had modem that allowed this. Clarify this with the ISP and be prepared to test this. The cellular store employees will tell you it how to make double ruffle bow because they don't understand specifically what you're asking. On August 23, atBigPapa said On August 23, atFrogAV said I see.

In other words, you're saying they are not the "always on connections" that work with typical routers. What about the Clear devices? Same concept? Is there something that could keep the connection live with a steady "trickle" of data? Hi every one, For quite some time I have been involved in this project and, though I have learned a score of new things, I am still far from solving the riddle.

Once I do, however, I will make it an audible thing as I think there are folks looking for similar answers, which simply are not to be found out there. What I want is exactly what was in bricor's question. I have an IP camera which I want working out in the country with weak network coverage and no power. For those reasons it is important that the devices don't drain much current and have strong antennas how do you reshare photos on instagram internet dongles as well as my 2nd generation iPhone often won't have reception there.

Thus, I intended to use this camera along with a modern smartphone many of my friends had good reception there, but their handsets were much newer than mine. Now that I have gathered the toys, it turned out that I am not fully set.

I learned now about port forwarding and DDNS. I can get the camera send alerts and pictures to email but can't view remotely I am unable to set up port forwarding on android.

Please correct me if I'm mistaken: the camera can send IP along with alerts so in theory I could access it without the need for DDNS, as long as port forwarding functions, right? As I have not bought a smartphone for that purpose using a borrowed oneI am happy to invest in MiFi, as long as they have decent signal, but they seem to not support port forwarding or DDNS I will be grateful for any comments and piece of advice. The recommended Cradlepoint seems great but now available here in Europe.

Kind regards, Jim. Thank you very much, Wozman! Now, when I learned about DDNS and port forwarding I thought that was it, but obviously not :- So, as I understand it, it won't even work with the Cradlepoint in earlier posts, will how does tour de france work Do you really need to access the camera directly?

On November 15, atJimmyRemote said I'm not sure as to how the cradlepoint system works, but if it uses a sim card from a cellular providor then most likely it will be the same, WAN IP is actually a Get service.

Works just about flawlessly. I have the happiest customers in the world. No data limits and they can watch netflix.

Let me know if you need more info and i can send you contact info for these plans. Tucker, can you send me that info? How to texture over wallpaper a client in the boonies that has weak How to resize images in microsoft office picture manager service.

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For information on how to advertise your service or product click here. Remote Central reserves the right to remove or modify any post that is deemed inappropriate. The following page was printed from RemoteCentral. Register Forum Search Login. How to run IP camera off a mobile hotspot? This thread has 28 replies. Displaying posts 1 through Post 1 made on Thursday August 23, at Joined: Posts:.

March Post 2 made on Thursday August 23, at June 1, Post 3 made on Thursday August 23, at Post 4 made on Thursday August 23, at BigPapa Super Member. October 3, Post 5 made on Thursday August 23, at Post 6 made on Thursday August 23, at AVXpressions Senior Member. September 1, Post 7 made on Thursday August 23, at I don't know about the Clear devices. Routers can be configured to allow sessions to be initiated from the WAN.

The router is 'always on' but that doesn't necessarily mean it's always transmitting data. You might be able to have a webcam stream to a storage sight offered by CCTV storage services, that may be a good cheat. Just be advised that using hot spots, the modem itself may not allow WAN side initiations even though the router such as a Cradlepoint designed for to support a hot spot will allow it.

Post 8 made on Monday November 14, at JimmyRemote Junior Member. November 4. Post 9 made on Tuesday November 15, at Wozman Long Time Member.

Post 10 made on Tuesday November 15, at Post 11 made on Tuesday November 15, at GotGame Super Member. February 3, I may be schizophrenic, but at least I have each other. Post 12 made on Tuesday November 15, at Impaqt RC Moderator. October 6, But are very expensive.

By Amar Nath

Apr 10,  · Step 2: CONFIGURE CCTV DVR SETTINGS. For configuration. GO TO > SETTING OR CONFIGURATION > NETWORK. In the network section of your DVR. You have to set STATIC IP by disabling OBTAIN IP AUTOMATICALLY. Just put. IP address = Subnet mask= Gateway = Follow the steps below to connect to an IP Camera using your mobile phone: 1. Open the internet browser of your smartphone. 2. T ype on the browser's address bar the WAN IP address following with the assigned port separated by a colon. How can I connect my phone Straight to camera for live viewing without WiFi. Or a DVR I need just camera straight to Android phone or Apple I pad either Will work. I would like to connect via wired or cable from camera to micro USB or 11 pin apple ipad5 if possible since I have no wifi.

This guide focuses on teaching you how to use Hikvision devices on the Hik-Connect mobile app on iPhones and Android mobile phones. We are using iPhone as an illustration, the steps are similar on the Android phones. Instant push notification for motion detection is also available in the Hik-connect app. Now you have two options: either login your Hik-Connect account, or add your device to the Hik-Connect App directly.

You should be able to get access to the Hikvision devices after login. The following tutorial will be mainly based on using the domain name service. Enter the details as given by your vendor. Once you see the Camera No changes to the right number of cameras you have installed, that means the connection is successful.

Select the Playback Date , Playback Time and the camera you want to watch the playback records. The Hik-Connect app is intuitive, light-weight and easy-to-use. Send us a quotation request. We will get back to you within a few working hours. Owned by Wise Group Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Buy Safe Box in Singapore. As a BizSafe-3 certified and a Singapore Police Force licensed security service and solution provider, we provide the highest standards for installation and service. Dahua ranks 2 in the world's video surveillance market share.

Open the app. Select the country of your residence Hik-Connect Hik-Connect 3. To watch the recorded video, click the top left icon as shown below. Quick Contact Form:. Well done! You've successfully sent the message! Oh snap! There was an error sending your message.

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