How to clean garbage can

how to clean garbage can

How to Clean a Garbage Can

Trash cans can get pretty dirty, so simply spraying it out is probably not enough to really get it clean. You will want to fill about one-quarter of the can with water, and then add dish soap or one or two cups of distilled white vinegar. You can then use a handled brush to scrub the bin. Sep 23,  · Start by rinsing out your trash can. You can turn the trash can on its side and spray it out really well. 2. Next, make a cleaning solution using 4 cups of distilled vinegar, ? cup of dish liquid and water.

By far, one of the most germ-ridden things in your home, the garbage is a source of bacteria and odor that is often overlooked. Though liners catch much of the debris, liquids and trash residue still find their way onto the inner surface and need to be cleaned away regularly. Do not dump stuff into the toilet.

This, along with the tub, sink, and any drain, is the gateway to our drinking supply. The more filth you dump in, the more Clorox and potential problems occur in our drinking water. Best place to dump is into the ground or throw things in the trash for the landfill. Use the least amount of bleach or whatever to protect the environment. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most effective and safest disinfectants to use in this situation. Also, hot, hot water and borax are relatively safe environmentally, and effective.

Soak the garbage can in hot water and laundry soap, and scrub with a sponge! I have a separate toilet brush for cleaning the kitchen trash can. I have short arms, so the extra length makes it easier to reach the bottom, and the bristles get any of the harder to clean bits out!

Take it out to the front yard and hose it down. Rub it clean with a little bleach on a rag and rinse it off. Clean trash cans with Mr. Clean or some other good-smelling cleaner and then let it sit for a bit. Soaking the inside in ammonia and hot water, then letting it dry under direct sunlight works cldan. Super hot water and add some bleach. LOTS of bleach. A great place to dump the water from the can is into a toilet.

Put on some laundry detergent and scrub it with a sponge in hot water and then let it dry out in a sunny day for the whole day.

Pour some Pine Sol in the bottom. Add hot water and leave the can for about 30 minutes to soak. Using a rag, rub all over the fo and outside. How to add checkbox in treeview control in and wipe dry. Smells great, and is clean! Your email address will not be published.

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If you would like a response from us, please leave your question in the comment area at the bottom of this page instead of here. How to Clean a Glitter Spill. How to Clean a Paper Lampshade. How to Clean an Eyelash Curler. Comments Do not dump stuff garbqge the toilet. Not effective. Clean trash cans by cllean them and letting them sit in the hot sun for a day.

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Allow the cleaners to soak in the trash can for 30 minutes up to several hours depending on the degree of cleaning that is needed. Use a scrub brush or soft cloth to scrub the surfaces and remove any odor –causing residues. Be sure to get all of the edges where residue can build up. Use the liquid to clean the trash can lid as well. Jun 17,  · Don your rubber gloves: Cleaning the trash can can be a nasty business, so pull on some rubber gloves!; Empty trash can and remove any lingering food particles: After you’ve emptied your trash can, remove any large pieces of food or particles you see in the bottom of the can. Your goal here is just to get rid of any major gunk you can see outright.

These easy step-by-step instructions demonstrate how to clean outdoor garbage cans and keep them clean all year round…even when they get really nasty in the summer! A few weeks ago, I was walking a bag of trash to our outdoor garbage can, and the trash bin stunk soooo bad! Also, there were a couple of maggots. I quickly tossed the bag of trash in the can and ran as fast as I could back into the house to call and complain to my husband about the grossness.

I immediately told him that I knew there was a service that would come and clean the outdoor trash bins and that I was calling them as soon as I got off of the phone with him. Is this what the world has come to? Come on now…surely I can do this myself, right? So, I decided to wait until after the next trash pick up day, and clean it myself no matter how gross it was. I also came up with a list of ways to keep it from getting that gross ever again. If you click any of the affiliate links to Amazon in this post and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission.

I put together a quick video showing just how easy it was to get my nasty outdoor trash can clean in this cleaning video…. Once you have scrubbed the inside of the trash can really well, turn it on its side and let all of the gunk out. Dip a scrub brush into the cleaning solution and give the outside a good scrubbing.

Once your trash can is clean on the inside and out, open the lid and let the inside dry overnight. First of all, when you overstuff trash bags inside of your home, it just makes them harder to tie up and take out without ripping the bag. We are really guilty of doing this because everyone just smushes the trash down as much as they can, so they can fit what they are throwing away in and not have to actually take the trash out themselves.

This goes back to my first tip. It will also help keep leaks from happening and mucking up your outdoor cans. We have been really guilty of taking items like fast food bags and store packaging straight to the garbage bin without bagging them. The fast food bags should be thrown away in a tightly sealed bag. Loose items like packaging from a recently bought toy can puncture the other trash bags in the bin or can blow out of your trash bins if the lid of your bin comes off for some reason.

For more information on how to properly recycle, check this article on Recycling from Real Simple. Once the trash has been picked up, give your trash can a quick rinse with your garden hose and leave the lid open so it can dry for about an hour. This will wash away any liquid from leaks that may have occurred in your trash cans.

Looking for more home tips and cleaning tricks? You hit the nail on the head. My trash bin is awful. Thanks for the push in the right direction. Please explain. I got mine at Target, but I would assume that they have them at most stores in the cleaning section. Hope this helps! This caused me to go down faster than you can possibly image.

I face-planted on the edge of the can, and suffered facial injuries. Please make sure to have the lid closed when moving your garbage receptacle.

Thank you, Carol! In your situation, it may be a little more tricky. I think I would fill a bucket with warm water and pour it in the garbage bin. Maybe add a bit of dish liquid or a little bleach if it is really dirty. Let it sit in the bin for about an hour, then come back to it and use a long handled scrub brush to distribute the mixture on the inside walls of the bin.

Then pour out. Then maybe rinse with warm water. I think a quick weekly hosing of the bin is not too much for most of us to do our part to protect our environment. I hate dirty garbage and recycle bins so your video, etc. Thank you always great and practical tips you provide. Your site is the only one I kept after cleaning out sites I signed up for. Your hard work is truly appreciated.

Thanks for this helpful guide. Our trash cans were especially rotten after some raw eggs sat in them a little too long. We ended up dumping the vinegar mixture in the can over night and let it sit outside over night because it smelled so bad!

Worked like a charm. Nice not to have to use bleach! I found large trash on Amazon that are large enough to line my 95 gallon can. I put a new liner in weekly after trash is picked up. I use a broom to clean my bin. I also use a bin liner which usually stays on the bin when it is emptied. When it is too gross it gets thrown out and replaced with a new one.

It usually lasts 4 weeks. I am only a household of two. This way saves on plastic going into landfill. I also have a worm farm and a dog so there are very few food scrapes in the bin.

May I suggest not throwing any wet leftovers or meat packaging in your bin. Put them in a bag in your freezer and put it in the trash just before putting it out. That ensures no maggets at all. Also put a chlorine tablet inside the bin. That also keeps flies away. I also hang a material bag with some mothballs on the handle of the bin. It also keeps flies and other scavengers away from the bin. After garbage has been picked up I add kitty litter to the trash can.

Helps a lot. Rinse periodicslly when needed. Wondering the same about disposing the tarp! We really need to clean out our trash bin but worry about stinking up the grass or drive way area trying to clean it out. Your text came in so handy today. We have to go to a recycling center. During the pandemic they were not crecycling onlycardboard and glass. My garbage was so nasty complete with maggots. First I bounced each bag on the ground before putting them in my car.

So this is what I have done in the past and will start doing now. Use my garbage dispolal more, I get from the store one of those large clear plastic tray covers that they use for take out buffet items. What I do with the inside can that gets emptied every day is place an opened egg crate in the bottom of the can and then insert my plastic bag.

Sometimes I spray the bag with a room deoterizer. If I have anything that is liqiuid I pit it in a zip lock bag.

This is a little off-subject. My building is close to the enclosure housing the trash bin. Its big enough so I can just open the top. The obvious answer is Raid or something similar. Nothing that will cause anyone to slip. Before sometimes I have to clean outdoor garbage can. But it almost becomes dirty immediately again. Therefore I decided to put a big plastic bag inside. We just take out every time and only need to clean outside.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What do you need to clean outdoor trash cans? How to Prevent Mask Acne Breakouts ». Comments Good video. I also still a few holes in the bottoms of the yard and the trash cans. After washing my bins, I put stay fresh Downey beads. Works great ….

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