How to avoid slow play on the golf course

how to avoid slow play on the golf course

Top 5 Ways to Deal with Slow Golf Course Play

Nov 14, †Ј Tips to Stop Slow Play in Golf. Adopt ready golf Ц the honour is not always necessary in most games Ц only really meaningful in matchplay. Therefore, if someoneТs ready to play and Mark you card after youТve played your tee shot or while someone else is playing . Jan 28, †Ј If they are in between clubs, the passenger should take both and the driver should go to their ball. This way both players can prepare and take their shots without a lot of unnecessary waiting. Searching for lost golf balls is also a source of slow play. By rule you are allowed five minutes to search for a lost ball.

If the righteous Ч and rightly placed Ч fury from golfers all over the internet is anything to go by then we might at last have a consensus that crawling round a course is now an what region did the tonkawas live in of the state. It hardly has to be sending a gofl to the moon, either. Committees can adopt a local rule setting a Pace of Play policy. That actually gives them some quite wide powers.

Sanctions can range from a stroke, in the first instance, to disqualification. Clubs are businesses and the more tee times you can cram in during an hour the more cash you can make.

Clubs are also under big pressure on Plag. The days of golf membership as a status symbol are long gone. But eight-minute starting intervals are utterly ruinous for pace of play. Too many players are on the course at the same time and, as soon as you hit an early par 3 or a group gets into a bit of trouble, a traffic jam ensues.

Yours is not. Yet those two words are also synonymous with a couple of other things Ч back tees stretching up to 7, yards cojrse rough gof makes a US Open look like an American Ryder Cup venue. There is no surer way to a five-hour medal round then knee-high, ball hiding, confidence destroying, fescue reaching up to your hips in mid-summer.

The hole is still going to take an eternity. Most of us know the culprits Ч the players that are making eight practice swings before every shot and then chunking it 20 yards before going through the whole tortuous process again.

Let the entire club see who are causing the problems. All a qualifying competition has to be played on is a measured course. So why not take on the reds and yellows as well as the whites? A shorter course can very often mean a quicker round. And, even better, why not just get rid of the traditional colours and rate those various options on ability rather than gender? Most of us would probably have a much more enjoyable round on a 6,yard course rather than a 7,yard monster.

Five things your club can do to end slow what is a class ii trailer hitch by Steve Carroll February 21, Features.

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Slow play has become a large problem for the game of golf. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for an 18 hole round of golf to take over five hours. The golf industry would love for golfers to be able to complete rounds in four hours. Slow play is not directly related to being a high handicap golfer. Look at the professional golf tours.

These golfers have their livelihoods on the line with every shot so they have a reason to take their time. Still, pace of play on the professional tours is agonizingly slow. A big reason for slow play is not having a consistent, timely pre-shot routine for all of your shots, including full swings, pitches, chips and putts.

Having a timely routine involves selecting the right club. This requires judging the distance, wind, lie of the ball and elevation change to the hole. Once you have the right club, take one practice swing,line up to a target and take your shot. One practice swing is plenty. The time for practice swings is on the driving range. Putting is arguably the most important part of your golf game. More strokes are taken with your putter than any other club.

This makes reading putts very important to your success. However, many golfers take way too long to complete their pre-putt routines. I believe reading putts requires getting a side view to judge elevation and a view from below the hole.

I view from above the hole is also beneficial but only when time allows. But like the full swing pre-shot routine, many times some of the reads can be completed before your turn while others are reading their putts. While walking up to the green, get a look at the general slope of the green. Then, if others are playing before you, get a read or two on your putt while they are reading theirs.

Be sure to be out of the way and quiet as they line up over their ball and putt. Ironically, another source of slow play is the riding cart. This is too time consuming and the wrong way to play cart golf.

For times when two players in a cart are on opposite sides of the fairway, the driver should drive the passenger to their ball. The passenger should quickly determine their club to use. If they are in between clubs, the passenger should take both and the driver should go to their ball. This way both players can prepare and take their shots without a lot of unnecessary waiting. Searching for lost golf balls is also a source of slow play.

By rule you are allowed five minutes to search for a lost ball. During casual play, the only time you should take five minutes is when your ball is lost in an area where you have a next shot if you find it. For example, many times your ball can get lost in the rough. One more thing about searching for lost balls. Other members in the group should hit their next shots before helping the player search for their lost ball.

Do not have your entire foursome looking for a lost ball before they have taken their next shots. Keep an eye on your pace of play next time you are on the course. Make sure you are using the ideas we discussed and speed up your play. Close Menu Home. Golf Equipment. Best Golf Balls for Beginners. Golf GPS Systems. Golf Swing Analyzers. Tags golf , play , routine , slow , tip , tips.

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